Not last weekend, but the one before that = where on earth is this year going???

2 July 2013

Not last weekend, but the one before, we celebrated Ben's 26th Birthday. For FOUR DAYS. Spoilt much?! Here are some snaps of what we got up to...
^^ Lunch with the brothers at Pizza East. That place is just the best!
^^ Spending Thursday afternoon wandering around London with Ben.
We eventually plonked our bums down on the patio of a little bar just under Tower Bridge and talked about everything and nothing over four a few glasses of prosecco. That little bar is a special one for us as when we first started dating it was somewhere we used to go a lot! Memories, memories!!
^^ Friday night was spent at London Zoo with the team drinking Pimms and being overly excited about the giraffe's. Okay okay, so maybe I was the only one that was really excited about the giraffe's. But whatever. I like them okay?
^^ Finally, a complete team shot. GO TEAM!
Saturday and Sunday I didn't take many pictures as we spent most of our time in Westfields and then having a posh Sunday Roast, so not overly picture worthy let's be honest! I'm forgiven yes??


  1. Happy birthday Ben!
    Those London photos just got me reallly excited for my visit in August!

  2. You two are so cute... for Luke's birthday this year we went bowling and to the cinema. You do know how to make me feel boring ;) haha xx

  3. You two are the cutest couple ever! Oh, and that's a pretty good looking gang you have there too.

    I dream of one day sitting somewhere to look over the water at Tower Bridge.


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