My day yoga retreat!!

4 July 2013

Last Saturday I had what I like to call a "perfect day".
I attended a Yoga and raw food workshop here in Balham run by the gorgeous Louise from The Yoga Cook and it was AWESOME.
We started the day with an energising flow yoga class with lots of Asanas and Pranayama to stimulate our digestive systems and boost our energy levels. The class was paced really well and was challenging but familiar - the perfect class in my opinion! After our class we took ourselves down to Louise's gorgeous kitchen to learn how to make Raw pizza and Raw Lemon Cream Bars. For lunch we ate a fresh garden salad and our pizza's washed down with homemade Elderflower cordial! After lunch we took part in a Meditation/Yoga Nidra class to soothe and nourish the system and then took ourselves out in the garden to enjoy the glorious sunshine with our fresh herbal teas and yummy lemon bars. Here are some of my snaps from the day:
^^ Louise making the raw pizza toppings ^^
^^ My raw pizza - it was so unbelievably fresh and delicious, not to mention crazy good for you! Even Ben loved it (I took half home for him - surprisingly filling these pizzas... ^^
^^ The lemon bars - pictures do not do these bars justice at all. They were really delicious!  ^^

What I loved most about the day was how much I learnt - new recipes & tips, new Asana's, new mindfulness eating practises that I can put in place immediately - and I learnt it all in a calm, nurturing and relaxed environment with a wonderful teacher! Louise's home is unbelievably beautiful (and exactly the kind of home I see myself in one day!) and everything about the day was planned perfectly. Hats off to you Louise - you know how to run a damn good workshop!
When the workshop retreat was over I made my way to get a long overdue haircut (had been a year since my last - eek) and then I had my weekly acupuncture session. As you can imagine, I floated my way back home for cuddles with this little man:


  1. Oh that sounds so lovely! I have never properly done Yoga although I would really like to. I feel like I am a bit too unfit/not flexible enough!

  2. This sounds amazing; I wish I could have been there! :D I really need to do yoga agin because it helps so much with fencing... The raw pizza looks really good, I've never heard of that before but I'd like to try it now! xxx

  3. What a dreamy wonder of a day!!

  4. This sounds like a wonderfully relaxing and lovely way to spend the day! I'm actually really intrigued by yoga at the moment, I'm thinking of starting to go along with pilates. Do you go to classes or do you follow videos at home or are you super clever and remember moves yourself? I've had a little look around on YouTube and found some great videos.

    Jennie xo |


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