Monday, oh Monday...

8 July 2013

As you can see, I have had a productive and exciting Monday.
After my lovely weekend I was really hoping to continue on all happy, relaxed and stress free today however my hormones and other shitty situations have taken over and I am in desperate need of my bed, a (huge) bowl of Ben & Jerry's, some cuddles with my boys and a good film to sink in to. Instead I have a yoga class to attend and some washing and ironing to take care of.
It's not exactly what I have in mind as I really just want to sink into being a lazy bum but I know that I will LOVE the yoga class as soon as I am there and that it is exactly what I actually NEED to bring me back to feeling much less frazzled.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and please do share any funny snippets from them that might make me smile?! I would love to hear them!!!


  1. Can you compromise - yoga class and then ben and jerrys? Hope you feel brighter soon love.

  2. Anonymous08 July, 2013

    Here's a snippet.

    So I got up this morning (I dislike mornings at the best of times) and walked into the bathroom... what was waiting for me... a big hairy spider in the bath tub! (I dislike these even more then mornings). I think, no don't call for the bf to save you, let him sleep and deal with the beast yourself! So I did what anyone else would have done and reached for the shower head, I then blasted him down the plughole and carried on for good measure.

    After feeling pretty proud that I defeated the beast, I turned to continue my morning routine. Then, to my horror, I turn around and the beast was back and going at full speed! (He must have been angry) He darted from the plughole to the other end of the tub, I paniced and reached for the shower head again...DOWN YOU BEAST! DOWN THE PLUGHOLE YOU GO! He's down and this time I'm not letting him back up. I switch tactics and turn the bath tap on full blast for at least 5 minutes... job's a gooden!

    I then went on with my day feeling both proud of my bravery and had the slight heebeegeebees!

    I hope that helps,

  3. Feel better love! ..... I'm dreading teaching swimming lessons but trying to focus on the positive! Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Now I can understand the yoga but really the washing and ironing?! No one ever (I believe) said on their death bed "Oh I really do wish I'd done more washing and ironing" but I bet a few said I wish I'd eaten more ice-cream. Remember this next time you want to crawl beneath the bedsheets with a tub of B+J's finest and your boys when you think you really can't. Because you can, tomorrow can be wash day x


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