Mid-nap : circa 2010

19 July 2013

I discovered this picture today whilst having a look through my old facebook photos (what a horrifying experience). This gem was taken in 2010, back when I was still working for Clarins and Ben was working freelance. We both had random days off in the week which were spent educating me on classic films (something Ben's family are brilliant at and still do to this day), mooching around in our pj's all day, eating and taking lazy long naps in the afternoon.
This picture was taken mid-nap.
Can you tell? I used the trusty "pull the cover up to hide my face" technique..I am sure you are all familiar with it?
I was wearing one of Ben's comfiest t-shirts (that I had probably worn for a few days) and we had taken the duvet down for a proper "Tuesday afternoon sleepover" experience. It was around this time that I really realised I like liked him; that he was different from the others. Such good times. I love coming across photos like this that instantly take me back to that exact moment.
Smiles all round today guys.
Happy Friday!!

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