Grateful for...

9 July 2013

Friends that have become my family.

Support, love and trust from those people who make me smile. With a few emails peppered with cute pictures of baby animals thrown in for good measure.

Goofing around with Ben every single day.

The headbutts Goblin gives me so that I will snuggle him in the morning.

Time spent on my yoga mat.

Tears which were much needed last night.

Sunny weekends, picnics and family time.

My morning smoothie - spinach, kale, frozen raspberries, banana, spirulina, maca, seeds, walnuts and coconut water.

And ice cream in bed.


  1. Great list, I am also grateful for ice cream in bed, it's about the only thing that cooled me down last night. I don't think I could be paid to drink that smoothie the fact that you do it because you like them astounds me, I have the biggest aversion to banana though, so that's really not helping ;)

  2. You are awesome, Nicola.

  3. A great gratitude list there my friend!


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