A little story about being in a relationship...

3 July 2013

Me and Ben have been together nearly three years now and we've lived together for two and a half of those years which in my humble opinion makes it more like being together about seven or so years. But whatever. My point is, when you live with someone things change. Mystery disappears (unless you are wonder woman) and the next thing you know you are peeing unashamedly with the door open or even when they are in the bath having a nice relaxing soak. You fart and burp openly without being embarrassed and you clean up the others drunken puking at least once a year (here's looking at you Ben). You prance around the flat in your oldest and ugliest pyjamas and you don't think twice about taking your make-up off and tying your hair in an unflattering top knot the second you get home.
These little quirky moments become your everyday and the person you decide to create a life with becomes your family. And we all know that family are the ones who see the real you...not just the shiny sparkly version.

So here is one of those not so sparkly stories for you this morning:
Every night when me and Ben get home we have a shower together, it's our little ritual. We wash, we laugh and we unwind from our days. Sometimes when we shower we wash our teeth at the same time...multi-tasking ya know?? and last night was one of those times.
There I am, happily brushing my teeth, being unnecessarily sprayed by Ben vigorously washing his face (I have spoken about this here) and I decide it's about time to spit my toothpaste down the drain. Brush brush brush, swoosh swoosh swoosh.
The second I actually go to do this Ben reaches for the shower gel...right across my body.
I manage to cover Ben's entire arm with my dirty toothpaste foam and I'm sure as hell that this moment happened in slow motion too.
The look on our faces was nearly as PRICELESS as the hysterical laughter and jokes that followed.
Just shows how comfortable we are around each other doesn't it??


  1. Ha! I love hearing the stories about you guys, you come across as a really lovely couple. You started living together quite early then? My boyfriend and I are about to hit 6 months, and we're looking into living together, so it's nice to know it worked for you two!

  2. Ha! I've lost count of the number of times that's happened to me and Jamie when we're brushing our teeth before bed (not quite as romantic as having a shower together); I swear he almost doesn't notice any more. Now that i think about it, that is kind of awful. Sounds odd, but because we lived together as friends before we started going out, we've lived together our entire relationship - it made 'moving in together' a year ago much less of a big step. I feel like we've been together so much longer than we have because of that!
    I've been loving your posts recently by the way! xox Georgie

  3. Haha! It's the funny times like that that really make a relationship special. Mark and I have had our fair share of slow motion moments. Like the time I took a sip of lemonade, he made me laugh and I accidentally sprayed said lemonade all over his face. Yep. Funniest thing ever!

    Jennie xo |

  4. That's funny but a very good ritual! Scott and I try to do that sometimes but sometimes our schedule miss each other!

  5. I love when you can put your guard down and just be yourself, completely, around the one you love! I'm so happy for the two of you :) I love your blog! { new follower! }

  6. I love showering with my boyfriend. It just makes so much since! haven't spit on him yet though but I'm sure it'll happen at some point!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  7. this makes me sad for being single bah!x

  8. What a fun ritual!! And that story is hilarious. I love it!

  9. Ha ha love it. I think that beats the time I was out fishing in the solent with the old man and I had finished puking over the side (I am a terrible sailor), just as I'm lifting my head my hubby brings in his line of mackerel and whacks me in the mush with a line of fish. Lets just say not as much laughter went on between us as it did between you and Ben. But it's the little things 'eh ;)


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