My favourite weekend quotes and a handful of pictures to go with...

10 June 2013

The past four or five days have been lovely. Really relaxing, full of laughs and full of naps (isn't that not the best combo!?!).
Thursday night me and Ben had an impromptu sushi picnic in Green Park in order to soak up the gorgeous weather! This was followed by a lovely catch up with Rik and Holly in Balham.
Thursday night's quote: "I was in a private hospital when I had my wisdom teeth out so they didn't use a tampon, they used cotton wool."
Friday night, I went for an acupuncture and cupping session at the local Chinese medicine Shop to help with my recurring cystitis and kidney deficiency. It was amazing and not painful at all (despite the marks on my back looking rather painful). Will keep you updated how the treatment goes!!
Ben's gorgeous Mum came up to London on Friday night too so we all went to watch After Earth and grab some dinner in Westfield. Despite the film getting not so brilliant reviews, we all loved it!
Friday night's quote: "Now Joebeff's we have spoken about you using words like energy flow, qi, meridians and science in the same sentence!"
Saturday was slow and lazy. We drank super green smoothies, ate yummy mackerel salads, had a few naps, caught up on House and had a lovely long bath together.
All of our friends had been at the Polo during the day (damn you budgets) but we met up with them for a few drinks at the London Cocktail Club in the evening.
I treated myself to one Porn Star Martini and a little bit of the rum boat cocktail, but the best drink of the night by far though was the fancy pants water! Every pint I had seemed to get more and more extravagant, it was as if the bar staff were getting just as excited about it as I was.
Me and Ben then slipped off to spend a little time just us two at Bar Zedel as he had an itch for an "Old Fashioned" which just had to be scratched.
Saturday night's quote: When referring to three guys spotted at the Polo during the day (each wearing brightly coloured 'rah' trousers; red, green and blue, whilst making rude gestures with champagne bottles) "it was like watching a bag of skittles have a posh orgy".
Sunday was much like Saturday; slow,lazy and relaxed. We made pulled pork for dinner, cleaned the flat, watched some more House, and I had sore boobs and hormones to deal with all day. While Ben played his games all evening I sat and started work on The Fire Starter Sessions and watched some awesome documentaries on nutrition and well being.
Sunday night's quote: "Ben, I think it's time for bed, I am tired and my hormones are all over the shop". It was 6:30pm.
My kinda weekend. How was yours??


  1. beautiful weekend, beautiful people. my weekend was just the perfect amount of relaxing and fun :) xx

  2. Looks like you had a lovely long weekend!

    Mine was chaotic and stressful, finally moved back home after 3 years of uni! Haha!


  3. sounds perfect; just like weekends should be.x

  4. Ha ha can't decide if Saturday or Sundays quote was my favourite! That boy knows how to roll ;) And I totally agree the combo of laughs and naps is the best ever. I was lucky as that is how my weekend was! x

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Those cupping bruises look like really weird love bites, though!


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