How to confuse your whole week's schedule..

19 June 2013

Today is Wednesday.
But today is also my Monday AND my Friday.
It's all very confusing to be me today. I keep asking "How was your weekend?" and getting the blank "That's such a Monday question to ask" response in return. I looked at Monday's menu instead of Wednesday's which created quite a deal of disappointment when I realised it was beef today instead of the desired chicken. I have said "Happy Friday" twice today. And I answered quite a few of this morning's phone calls with "Good Afternoon"...but that last one may is mostly just be me being blond.
Why all this confusion??
Monday and Tuesday were spent training at Head Office (and we all know that training isn't really real work).
Today I am at work like normal.
Thursday and Friday I have booked off as it is Ben's birthday on Saturday. 
So today is my Monday AND Friday. In my head.
Tomorrow I am planning to start the day off with a big fat juicy green smoothie and doing an hour or so of yoga. We are then heading up to meet Ben's brother, Alex, for some lunch followed by hopefully (!!!!) enjoying the lovely weather in Kensington Gardens and finishing off with a trip around the V&A.
Friday will be a little more hectic though as I am a little booked up with physio & acupuncture appointments, yoga to be done, a top secret meeting in the morning and a nice big gathering in the evening for the Zoo Lates event.
Saturday and Sunday will be spent with Ben seeing his family, going on cinema trips, having casual drinks about Balham and enjoying Sunday lunches in the sun.
The problem with all this awesomeness coming up is that I could REALLY get used to having four day weekends.
So here is to working towards having a fulfilling, challenging and inspiring career that allows me to work when I see fit!! Goal added.


  1. Four day weekends should be mandatory. At least once a month, don't ya think??

    I get confused with them too. Or actually, all the time, since my eyes don't set sight on calendars very often anymore.

  2. Both my husband and I work irregular hours so I never know what day of the week it is.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

  3. I get the whole morning/afternoon mix up at least once a day, it's so bad. Four day weekends should be mandatory! xx

    D Is For...

  4. Ha ha, I was confused at the beginning of your post, but towards the end it all became clear! ;) Hope you have a fabulous extended weekend! x


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