A first time for everything and a few words on comparison.

27 June 2013

My Dad said that I have been getting very "deep" on my blog recently and that I should lighten things up with a post about all the reasons why I love giraffe's. I did actually start that post (I really do love giraffe's) but then came across this image on tumblr and decided to go with this instead.
It made me giggle and then giggle some more because we have all been there. Maybe not necessarily in a yoga class, but maybe in school trying to learn maths (ugh) or at the gym with that friend who can run non-stop for 2 hours and not even break a sweat or even in those moments when you look at the really successful people around you and think "when on earth will I be that good at (insert thing here)".
Comparison. Big yuck.
Letting go of comparing myself to others who I am inspired by and respect is one of the hardest things that I have faced and continue to face. I used to waste so so so much of my time and energy comparing:
All my friends earn more than me, all my friends are at uni still,  all my friends are on proper career paths and are being promoted left right and centre, I want to do that incredible job but don't think I will ever succeed in actually getting there, I will never be able to touch my toes like that yogi, I won't ever be good enough at nutrition or yoga to coach in them like these other women.
This constant comparison talk was always switched on and it was exhausting. It even got to the point where Ben was pulling me up on it daily.
But all this work that I have been doing has released this "comparisonitus" some what. Comparing myself to others doesn't serve me AT ALL and I know that now. It's my ego taking control and making me feel small and play small. Even though sometimes I slip up without realising (sneaky ego) I know how I can get back on track.
Getting on my mat and connecting with myself is one way that I do this - baths and reading Brene Brown are other ways.
Yoga is a journey and there really is nothing to be gained when you compare in yoga: every one is beautifully different and if you push yourself to match someone else's pose or flexibility then you are instantly removed from the moment and the connection you have with your body. You are removed from your own bodies journey. 
This picture makes me giggle because even though it is true, it's just funny to me now. It doesn't strike a cord make me feel inadequate. And funny is good.
Two of my favourite affirmations today:
+ I am safe and secure and always taken care of.
+ I am enough just as I am.
**whoops Dad, looks like it got deep anyway, sorry!


  1. This is a lovely post- a good balance of light and thoughtful. :) I have found that I have struggled more with comparison as I've gotten older, as there is so much more to compare (relationship statuses, families, careers, travel experiences, all of it), but you are right- it does not serve me. And when I compare now me with before me, I'm pretty happy with how far I've come. I'm sure you are too.

  2. Your affirmation is very similar to mine - "I am safe, I am secure, all is well in my world" is mine. Letting go of the comparison can be so hard, but so freeing. But hell girl you haven't told us about why you love giraffes so much lol ;)


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