These things that I do...

6 May 2013

Day 6: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?
I dream up the life that I would like to live. And then I go out and make it happen. 

I spend time with the people that I love and cherish the most in the world. 

I look after the home that I share with Ben and Goblin. 

I commit to practising yoga 5 days a week. 

I drink warm water with lemon, aloe vera and apple cider vinegar every morning. 

I smile, I laugh, I create. 

I try to be the best sister, daughter and best friend that I can.  

I explore London. 

I lose myself completely in books. Usually a few at a time. 

I take baths, I paint my nails and I dress up. 

I blog. I comment. I take too many pictures. 

I sleep...talking of which, it is WAY past my bedtime!! 

p.s check out the amazing sunset we experienced the other night, out of this world huh??


  1. That first one, I love it.
    Vinegar, lemon and aloe vera? I think I'd gag.
    Incredible picture.

  2. LOVE THIS. I was nodding my head at every one. You are the best.

  3. The first line is my favourite :)
    Beautiful post <3

  4. I want to explore Londond!! :D I do several of the things you do, too. And now I am off to look up the benefits of drinking warm water with Aloe Vera (I know the benefits of the other ingredients).

  5. wow yoga 5 days a week is amazing! do you practice at home or go to a class?? hmm nothing beats a nice warm bath =)



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