The time I get my family to sell me...

11 May 2013

Photo circa 2008. Geeesh. 
Day 11: "Sell yourself in 10 words or less". I'm gonna interpret this as "describe yourself in ten words" as it's my blog and I can do as I please! And I have asked my Dad, Wendy, Tash and my Mum to describe me instead.  

10 words to describe me by my Dad and Wendy:
Beautiful. Deep. Blonde. Loving. Sensitive. Calm. Organised. Faithful. Crazy. Dibdob. 

10 words to describe me by Tash:
Blonde. Soul-mate. Everest (a nose the size of a mountain).  Hilarious. Jelly bum. Sneaky (her bags have to be checked every time she leaves my house for cosmetics, nail varnishes or clothes). Brown-nose. Cafufflemountain. Ditzy. Perfect. 

10 words to describe me by Mum:
Loving. Truthful. Stylish. Leggy. Blonde. Conscientious. Funny. Kind. Thoughtful. Beautiful. 

Don't I just have the most amazing family??


  1. Your family sounds lovely! Blonde seems to be the reoccurring word :)

  2. What a lovely post! Your family is wonderful. Love how they described you.
    Is this a new haircut? You look gorgeous, girl :)

  3. Lovely descriptions and photo. I "cheated" too and asked someone else to do mine.

  4. Haha this is great! I like the original take on this!

  5. Cute take!! And what a great way to get some compliments. :)

  6. haha,
    yes, your family is amazing. if i asked my lil brother about me, i think he would say 'weird'

  7. I love how everyone said blonde :)


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