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2 May 2013

"Day 2: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at."
This should be interesting.

I like to think that I am an intelligent woman who knows a lot of things but when I sat down last night and asked Ben "what do you think I know most about that I could educate people on?", the first thing that came to his mind was "Well you know a lot about eating chocolate?".

Not exactly what I was looking for.

When I asked my sister she said "What about being blonde, cats and zombies?".

Slightly better, but if you have read my blog for any length of time at all you will know that I talk about cats, zombies and being blond quite a lot anyway. Those three topics right there make up about 50% of my content. The other 50% consists of me taking pictures of my feet, talking about drinking wine, pictures of me and my friends acting ridiculous and me discussing self-care & yoga.

What on earth should I "educate" you on??

As I have just stared at that question for about 20 minutes and come up with fuck all I am going to impart completely unrelated snippets of wisdom information that I have accumulated over the last few years. Not so much educating, but sharing.
(Side note: I talk about cats, yoga and self-care below. Some habits are hard to break)

Here we go...starting with Body scrubs.

Ladies, don't bother spending £20 on a high end body scrub when you can make one for free in your own kitchen that does just a good as job.

All you have to do is mix some olive oil and sugar together in a little bowl until you reach your desired scrub like consistency (not too rough, not too runny) and then add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to scent.
Done. Easy peasy.

Slather it over slightly damp skin and you will have freshly scrubbed and moisturised skin. Most of the time I don't even have to moisturise after my scrub because the olive oil does that for me!

Moving onto investing in yourself

I have spoken a little on here about my developing my home yoga practice through the course that I took part in last month run by the amazing Marianne and the life coaching I am having with Sas, but I just want to share a little more about the why I think it is so worth it to invest in what makes you happy.
I know that I am not alone when I say that I really struggle sometimes. Trying to find my place in this world, dealing with a negative body image, living authentically and with purpose, looking after my health, finding a job I love, dealing with money & stress... it can all get a bit much. Growing up is not easy. Being happy and joyful is not something that just happens. You must cultivate it, work on being grateful, work on accepting yourself, work on being mindful and kind and lastly you must work on all these things damn consistently.
For me, developing my home yoga practice and working with Sas have helped me cultivate more happiness in my life dramatically. I took a massive leap of faith and invested big bucks into these two things. There was no guarantee that they would change my life but having that extra support behind my will power was a game changer.

If you find something that you love, invest in it completely.

I had dabbled in and out of yoga for a year and loved it, but until I invested completely in what I wanted to do; practice yoga every day in my own space where I feel safe, I didn’t have the knowledge or the support to do so.

At the beginning of the course I knew that I really wanted to stick with my commitment throughout the 30 days, however there was a small part of me that thought I might give up. That the fear of not being good enough would snatch my commitment from me and I would “fail” like I had done before.

Over the 30 days something shifted deep within me. I connected with my body for the first time ever and I accepted it for what it is. My body wasn’t perfect but it was the only one I had and I would look after it, strengthen it and connect with it through kindness and compassion. It wasn’t a sudden shift, it happened gradually and I owe this to the course and my investment entirely. I learnt things about myself that I would have not learnt by simply showing up at a class once a week or practicing at home once a month.

It’s the same with my sessions with Sas, I had dabbled in different therapies and read lots of inspirational books, articles, websites etc but I knew that if I didn’t have personalised support and guidance from someone that knew me and knew my story then I wouldn’t make any real progress with myself. With Sas I have a place to explore without bring judged, I feel supported and I feel understood.

I suppose what I am trying to say is if there is something that you love but you just can’t seem to grab it by the horns and place it in your life completely then go for it it. Get help and guidance. Invest
Anyway, moving onto surrounding yourself with super cute things.
Like cats.
Cats who love to get involved.
If having a cat (aka super cute thing) works for me, my sister, my mum and oh, about a million other people in the world, then I am sure it will work for you.
Last but not least, eating well.
Eating well is important. Supporting your body is important.
Recently myself and Ben have been trying to improve our diets and it has actually been quite fun, not to mention I am really feeling the benefits of eating healthier!
On Tuesday we made this dish:
Chili, garlic, mushrooms and kale with gluten free pasta.
Total hit guys.
Now, isn't this challenge fun???


  1. Great post, the "investing in yourself" and "healthy eating" are points I am really trying to work hard on so I found reading what you have to say really useful. The cat bit I already knew ;)

  2. I'm gonna have to try the body scrub. Thanks girl.

  3. Healthy food makes us feel better with ourselves, but it's so hard to resist carbs and sweets...!

  4. Great post! I was stuck on today's topic too for ages....I love your feet picture, very arty! Cool cat pics too. I'm a big cat person:)

  5. Fantastic advice on body scrubs. As soon as I have finished my shop bough one I am making my own. Would it be good for face? Hmmm. Anyway great post and educational :-) xx

  6. That's a great post, I love how positive you are! It's so inspiring...I've been trying to take better care of myself but I find it incredibly hard x

  7. I fully support surrounding yourself with cats. You already knew that, though. :)

  8. I really really love your take on today's subject for the challenge. The part about struggling to always live authentically and with purpose really hit home for me. And investing in a mom BOTH of those things can be really difficult. This post was so inspiring! ~ Melissa @ Running Around for No Reason

  9. You are so positive and I love that! Also, that pasta looks SO yummy! <3

    Jennie xo |

  10. That body scrub looks fab and that pasta look so nice, yum!!!

    New follower:

  11. I'm so proud of you, Nicola!!! You are doing so well!! I'm so glad you're taking care of yourself and feeling better. That's something I'm working on. And for real, you can't ever surround yourself with too many cats.


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