Spolier: This post contains silly/not so flattering pictures of myself

10 May 2013

My sister is my go-to inspiration person for this challenge.

This morning on my commute I was having a little think about today's topic, "My most embarrassing moment", and for the life of me I couldn't come up with one solid moment.
Not one.
So I  rang Tash to demand that she tell me a story where I was awfully embarrassed. Why? I've spent more time with this girl than anyone else on the planet so if I have any embarrassing moments lurking around she will be sure to find them. She is a bit like an elephant in this respect: she never forgets a bloody thing.

After ten or so minutes of discuss embarrassing halarious moments from our childhood, we had only come up with embarassing moments TASHA has had. We still had nothing for me.
(It was good to have such a giggle that early in the morning though!) 

Tash finished with...."You're actually quite a calm and collected person aren't you??"

Apparently I am. Bummer.
I rarely get embarrassed and I never get second hand embarrassment.
I have done MANY stupid things in my life. But embarrassing?? Not so much.

So let me tell you 6 stupid things I've done:

#1 When I was 10, I thought it would be a good idea to try and clean the OUTSIDE of my car window with one of those yellow spongey things you get for cars (I don't drive/own a car so i don't know what they are called) while we were travelling 80mph down a motorway on holiday.
As you can imagine, this didn't go to plan. No sooner had I opened the window and reached my arm out, the yellow spongey thing had been flung out of my hand and was making its way down the motor way.
#2 I then tried to hide the fact that stupid thing #1 had happened. Much to my dismay Tasha had seen the whole thing and was laughing so hard she had turned purple. As soon as she could utter what had happened to my parents, the laughter had spread like wild fire. Our car had to be pulled over. I still have no idea what I was thinking.
#3 Told Ben that I was a little interested in the crystals and their healing power. Queue lecture about "not getting myself caught up into woozy cults". Okay babe, okay...
#4 Got myself in places that I couldn't get down from whilst horribly drunk at uni:
#5 Not wearing appropriate clothes for a whale watching trip in Iceland. I have never been one of those "outdoorsy girls".
 I have never been so cold in my entire life. Happy as a bug though!
#5 Deciding that a fringe would be a good idea.
I went to the hair dressers in the Student Union in Leeds to get it done. I was a little drunk at the time. and it was a terrible mistake as you might be able to tell from this picture:
#6 Deciding a year later that I should get a fringe cup back in.
Although this fringe was created at a "proper" hair salon, I really should have remembered that with this nose, a fringe is never a good idea.
So there you are, 6 stupid things I have done.

And I'm still not embarassed about any of them. Maybe I should be??


  1. I love that you call your bangs fringe. These are all hilarious, especially the sponge!!

  2. I had to make my bff stop me from buying crystals. I still sometimes wonder...

  3. haha i also made the fringe mistake twice! what's up with not learning from our first mistakes? they take for flipping ever to grow out!

  4. Great post, I don't really get embarassed either I think it's all the falling over I do - you need to learn to just get over things quickly if you're as clumsy as me! xx

  5. I once decided it was a good idea to cut a fringe a couple days before heading to a festival. Obviously I couldn't straighten it and the fringe decided to create a life of it's own. Not embarrassing, but definitely stupid. Thank god for flower garlands!



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