On being noticed...

25 May 2013

Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget.

My someone is Ben. And the something is obvious. 

It was the first time Ben introduced me to one of his work colleagues as his "girlfriend". 

Let me set the scene: I had gone to meet Ben after work and as I was sitting next to him in the office waiting for his work to render, one of his friends came over to ask him a question and because Ben is a complete gentleman, he introduced me formally. As his GIRLFRIEND. We had only been seeing each other for a few weeks and the way he seemed proud even to call me his "girlfriend" made me want to fist pump and dance around like an ass!!
Why did this make such an impact??  Why would I never forget what he said??Because most of the relationships I had been in up to this point were dysfunctional and unhealthy and I never felt like I belonged completely in them. When I met Ben it was different. And I had never in my life wanted to be an official girlfriend more. 

Oh and on a different note...that picture??? That's the view from Ben's mums new f**king gorgeous eh?? I will be spending this weekend recuperating and getting well after a pretty darn rough day yesterday. And while on the subject just want to send out HUGE LOVE to Sylwia, who is one of the most amazing people I know and I don't know what I would do without her. xxxx


  1. Alissa and I were talking about our necessity of visiting you, so we can see said f***ing views.

    Also, that is a sweet story, I'm glad you found healthy. Totally glad.

  2. Lovely story.
    Hope you are feeling better today love, what a stunning view, it's so nice to escape the city sometimes.

  3. Wonderful story! I totally understand how you felt. I'm so happy for you you have found each other.
    What a great view! Hope you had the weekend you needed, with lots of rest :)

  4. Oh that's so sweet! Enjoy your weekend recuperating :)

  5. LOVE THIS. So sweet!! I remember when James introduced me as his girlfriend for the first time. I about melted.


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