My top 3...

24 May 2013

I asked Ben to think of my 3 worst traits:
1. "You can be incredibly impatient sometimes."
2. "You love change, and not the good type of change. The type that means I can never find where things are in the flat."
3. "You can be really insecure about your looks and your career."

And then I thought about what I feel are my 3 worst traits are:
1. I can be horribly spiteful sometimes when I don't get my own way. (I am getting better at this the older I get!!)
2. I hog the bed to such an extent that I usually wake up completely on Ben's side.
3. I sometimes expect Ben to join in with a discussion I am having in my head. I will pipe up with a few words every now and then and expect him to completely know what I am talking about. He usually never does (surprisingly!) and this annoys me.

No-one's perfect though right?



  1. I'm completely guilty of loving change around the house! Brandon is constantly asking me where things are after I've rearranged the furniture/table/desk/general paperwork.

    I, too, am guilty of getting spiteful when things don't go my way. I have gotten a lot better with age, and in the past year or so I've calmed down a lot. No one is perfect!

  2. I'm exactly the same with your third point! I will just carry on a convo that I've started in my head and then wonder why Chris is looking at me weirdly! X

  3. You look beautiful! Enjoying your posts this month girl xx

  4. I think it's really positive that you look at yourself from others perspectives. It's really healthy and something we should all take time to stop and reflect on. xx

  5. Oh I always expect people to be able to join in with conservations in my head... I don't see anything wrong with that haha xx

    D Is For...

  6. Those 3 things Ben said about you...could be said about me, too ;)
    Oh, and except for hogging the bed - the other 2 are totally me as well :)
    Yes, nobody's perfect. We're working on it, right? That's what counts - we realize it and we work on it.
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Ha, my boyfriend thinks I can hear his thoughts, I'm sure. He does exactly that, suddenly says some entirely out of context sentence that makes perfect sense to him, but means nothing to me.


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