Five things make me DEEPLY uncomfortable...

3 May 2013

Day 3: "Things that make you uncomfortable."
As soon as I saw this was the topic about 762 things came to mind instantly.
On the way to work this morning I asked Ben if anything came to mind for him and the list grew even more. As we were nattering away something slowly dawned on me... most of these weird things I inherited from my Dad.
I can pretty much link every one of these things that makes me uncomfortable to a single moment in my childhood.
So I suppose that this post could also be called "Thank you Dad for making me even more weirder/OCD/strange/obsessive. I still love you though."
Number 1
I simply cannot have my feet out of the covers at any point in the night.
Why?? Because my Dad told me when I was FIVE YEARS OLD that there were witches under my bed and that they would grab my feet if they were hanging over and unprotected.
Number 2
I really hate it when people don't highlight things or colour things in within the lines.
This has gotten pretty bad recently, so much so that Sylwia apologises to me if she has accidentally gone over the lines of the sheet we use to track our meetings.
As you can see, today has been okay.
My Dad once made a joke about someone (I am sure it was Tash) not being able to colour in the lines, from that point on I was determined to beat them. It is a neatness thing.
(I  have been known to rip whole pages out of my school books/diaries/notepads because there is a mistake half way down the page and I hate crossing things out - what a freak)
Number 3
I have spoken on here before about how deeply uncomfortable I feel when people drip dry. This morning my sister sent me this.
First I laughed. Then I felt uncomfortable.
When I was a kid I can remember my Dad drying me so vigorously I thought my skin might fall off.
Number 4
I hate the bathroom floor being wet.
When Ben washes his face in the morning and soaks most of the floor in the process I could just scream. It's like he's in a fancy TV advert that only he knows about - you know the ones where they splash water everywhere (not just their face) and every normal person things to herself "I certainly do not look like that when I wash my face"  - yup, that's my every day.
When I was about six, my Dad told my sister off for soaking the bathroom floor with all her drip drying antics. This stuck with me and maybe also explains my hate of drip drying??
Number 5
And lastly, I hate mess. Walking into a really cluttered, messy flat makes me feel all icky instantly and I have to go about tidying it up. It doesn't matter if it's a family members house, a friend's flat, a friend of a friend of a friend's flat, I have to tidy the immediate area around me.
Sometimes this involves clearing rubbish and crap away, sometimes it's as simple as straightening all the mess out so at least it's parallel mess.
My Dad was a neat freak. Go figure.
Me and my Dad used to still do fantasise about when Tasha would be old enough to have her own flat just so we could just walk in there with a baseball bat and mess that shit up. Why? Simply so she knows what it was like living with the world's messiest sister/daughter. Aren't we a treat??
I think I might just leave it there for now as this could easily turn into the longest blog post ever and I have better things to do thinking about what shampoo I am going to use tonight and what I am going to wear to dinner; dress, jeans, heels, flats etc... The important things you know??


  1. It made me smile that you could relate each one of these back to your dad! I can relate to number two, you aren't the only one to have ripped pages out of books. I'm a drip dryer though and our bathroom floor tends to be wet because the shower screen is crap. The neatness I get though and I like things to be straight, my housemate finds this funny and she has been known to move stuff just to annoy me. Great post.

  2. I'm such a messy person but I have to tidy up because I'm exactly the same, when I walk into a messy room I just HAVE to tidy otherwise I can't concentrate on anything! I'm the same with having my feet poking out of the bed, even though my bed completely touches the floor my head thinks that something might grab my toes - scary! ;)

    Jennie xo |

  3. I hate when my feet aren't covered! But I also can't stand wearing socks to bed!

  4. Aha, I definitely agree about the bathroom floor too. Why do all men seem to splash water everywhere? xxx

  5. I was so hoping the drip dry situation would be one here! AHHH.

  6. Whenever I find myself in messy surroundings, I sort of freak out, I feel like I need to organize everything in order to feel stable.
    And having my feet uncovered is simply out of the question... Not the mention wet floors, specially when barefoot. Ahrg!

  7. I drip dry.

    now you're uncomfortable. Amy made fun of me for it. Whatever.

  8. Good post! My father is responsible for a lot of what goes on inside my head that controls my behavior. He didn't know what to do with a daughter, but he gave it his best shot.

  9. drop drying freaks me out and wet bathroom floors piss me off. seriously. pisses me off!

  10. I loved reading this post! So amazing of you to share these things that make you uncomfortable, especially realising how it all ties back to your dad. I also hate mess, but I don't think I go to the level of cleaning other people's flats. I also do hate drip dry though. Why oh why? just use a towel!

    Anyways, great post =)


  11. ha!
    i get itched too when people color out of line. but now i think i have a better control of that feeling. also, i think i splash water everywhere too. but of course, i deny it when it's pointed out to me :P

  12. Loved this post! I hate wet floors too...somehow Ed manages to virtually flood the bathroom when he has a shower. My favourite day of the week (fortnight rather) is the Saturday he works...because I can do my shopping in the morning and then come home to a bathroom that's not swampy and actually tidy it!

    - Tabitha at x

  13. Hi Nicola! I just found your blog through the Blog Every Day in May Challenge.

    Haha, this is great... I love how your quirks really came out with this post!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. I was gonna make a comment about how i think you'll find it was you that couldnt colour in the lines...then i spoke to mum. apparently you are correct. I am was not one to colour in the lines. Ever. Whatever, I'm a peacock. Let me be free and fly!

  15. Drip drying is very strange. I would jump out of my skin waiting to dry! I see a pattern with how your dad seems to have influenced this post ;)

  16. oh my goodness - I have the exact same "feet must be covered" fear. and sadly, for the exact same reason. except instead of witches, it was the boogeyman. he still haunts me, right into my mid-twenties.

  17. I have the same thing about mess... I have to tidy it up. I should start one of those tv programs for people that can't stand mess in other people's homes.


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