All that wisdom not learnt at school.

23 May 2013

Day 23: Things you've learned that school won't teach you.

Confession: I loved school. Like, a lot.
I loved learning, I loved revising, I loved my friends at school, I loved most of my teachers, I loved taking notes, I loved writing essays...basically I was a massive geek. And I loved being a geek too.  

But what school is not so brilliant at is teaching you those "big life lessons". You know, the ones that actually matter out in the real world. Like how to be good with money, how to eat a healthy balanced diet, how to deal with difficult people, how to find a job that you both like a pays well, how to not get sucked into the "rat race", how to pursue your dreams, how to cultivate joy, how to not be a total jackass. 

And then there are the "not so big life lessons, but equally important things" that school will never teach you either, like... 
+ There is nothing more painful that shaving your legs when you have goosebumps.
+ Life will never be as easy as it was in school, fun yes, but not as easy.
+ If you have a few too many drinks on a night out, having an alkaseltzer before bed works a treat to minimise the hangover in the morning. 
+ That having a cat is one of the coolest things you could ever have. 
+ Your friendship circle will completely change by the time you are 23. 
+ Chocolate, a night out with the girls and cuddles with said cat are a sure fire way to restoring happiness. 
+ Having a cat and a laser pen can provide hours of entertainment. 
+ Blogging is pretty much one of the coolest things to do in THE WORLD.
+ Making friends with amazing ladies all over the world through blogging is just as cool.


  1. Love this post! All of it :)
    I was that kind of geek, too ;) I wish school taught us all the important things - and cats and bloggy friends are simply the best :)
    So happy to have met you here!

  2. Love this.
    3 years ago I really never thought I'd ever say this, but it's true, life is better with a cat. And a laser pen.

  3. Ha ha great list! The best I've seen at school was definitely easy compared to being an adult and having a cat is the best thing ever. :)

  4. I couldn't agree more with this list!
    Claire x

  5. AGREE! Although can I add a beagle puppy is one cool thing to also have in your life :)

  6. ALL of this. Every single one. I love it!

  7. The shaving/goosebumps made me laugh because it is so true. winter times and showers are no fun for this reason! x


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