10 things that make me really happy..

14 May 2013

+ My gorgeous little family ^^ Hanging out with these boys makes me crazy stupid happy.

+ Spending time in the best health store in Balham getting excited about treating my body better.

+ Practising yoga.

+ Writing, blogging, journaling, exploring, learning, expanding, growing.

+ Having dates in the diary to see my family and friends.

+ Snuggling up and watching some awesome shows, such as House of Cards, Walking Dead, Arrested Development, House, Game of Thrones and Blackadder.

+ Busting out into song with Ben...always random songs, substituting pretty much any word with 'Joesbeffs'. It works, try it.

+ Having a clean and tidy house. Best. Feeling. Ever.

+ Dreaming up the life that me and Ben are creating together.

+ Watching Goblin chase a red dot around the room. For hours.


  1. Lovely picture, although I initially didn't see Goblin, I had to look again once I read the word "these." I don't watch any of those shows but Nic and I were talking about House of Cards tonight, think we may give it a go once the other things we watch come to an end in the next few weeks. Great list!

  2. Cute family photo alert!! You guys are such a lovely little family <3

  3. You have such a lovely little family!

  4. You've got such a cute family :)
    Love the list!

  5. Aw Goblin looks so cute! I love watching game of thrones too, and having a clean and tidy house is def the best feeling!
    Daniella x

  6. The three of you are so cute! <3

  7. Watermelon works for a substation word as well! :)

  8. Having a clean and tidy house is the best feeling. Soooo, when do you want to come over and clean for me? KIDDING.

    Blogging makes me happy because that's how I met you. Cue corny music!

  9. We do not watch any of the same shows.


  10. I've tried one episode of House of Cards.. I can't get into it after having been watching Scandal for last 2 seasons. lol It's just not as good


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