When you shouldn't listen to your best friend...

3 April 2013

Here is a bit of a back story for this completely random story:
Last night I had chicken soup for dinner, I meditated and medicated, I practised some restorative yoga, I rested, I had a nice hot shower, I covered myself in Vick's (sexy), I made myself a hot toddy AND I even indulged in some chocolate to make me feel better (it didn't, I could barely taste it).
I should be feeling better. I should have been awarded a sticker that said 'well done sugar muffin, you have looked after yourself so (I) the nasty lurgy has passed', but NO NO.
I am still ill and it seems to be getting worse.
It felt like I had been punched in the face this morning when I woke up and I am guessing by the vacant seats next to me on the tube that I didn't look too hot either. Throughout the day my throat has started to hurt some more, my face looks horrible and I sound gross.
Big yay for me.
Oh, and I also am not the biggest fan of ginger unless it is cooked or brewed in stuff.
And now the actual story:
This morning I miraculously remembered to take some ginger into work with me as I remembered that a few weeks ago when Sylwia (my gorgeous co-worker) was ill she made this gorgeous smelling honey, lemon and ginger drink and I knew that that was something I could do with today.
Roll on 3pm.
Sylwia offers to make me one of her yummy hot drinks and I jump at the chance. Off she goes and brews up her magic potion.
After guzzling it down my throat is a little more soothed and my chest feels a bit better. Winning.
I go to chuck my cup away and Sylwia pipes in.
"Nope, don't throw that away. You should definitely eat those bits of ginger Nic.."
"What?? Why would I do that?"
"It's super good for you that's why. It's a little spicy but not too much for you to handle and you must remember that it's good for you. It will make you feel better...promise!"
"I didn't even know you could eat ginger like that? I can't imagine it's nice. I'm not it's biggest fan."
" Nic  seriously, it is so good for you. I could munch on ginger all day."
*insert sceptical look from me here*
*insert link here to article that I promptly read to see if these claims were true*
"I usually don't like ginger by itself. It sounds gross to go and munch on it raw."

At this point I receive what I like to call the Sylwia Stare. And so off I trotted to go munch on some raw but slightly warm ginger. 
I pick it out of my cup.
Pop it into my mouth and start to chew. ERROR.
My face probably looked something like this at this moment:
or this:
I spit it out onto my hand in the quickest and most unladylike manner I could manage as my mouth exploded with spiciness and burning.
I have never hated the taste of something so much in my life and I have never wanted to throw up so much either. The taste, the texture, the spiciness, the weird little hair like strands in it... everything about it screamed gross. 
And THAT is why you shouldn't listen to your best friend if they ever recommend you to chew on ginger.
Because it is gross. And that taste lingers like nothing you could imagine.
And now you have all learnt a valuable lesson the easy way here is a cute picture of something ginger that doesn't taste like ASS.
You're welcome.


  1. I feel guilty that this made me laugh. I hope you feel better soon lovely.

  2. Hahaha awww...I've never heard of chewing on ginger, but now I know better! I'm sorry you had to experience that.

    HEY. That looks like Nico when he was a baby.

  3. Sorry honey but this made me laugh my socks off. But I definitely award you a sticker that says "Well done sugar muffin"! You sure do deserve to be fighting fit after eating unpeeled ginger! That is a step too far x

  4. I couldn't help it either but I was laughing out loud imagining your face :)
    I so don't like ginger myself whereas my man loves it and would recommend it any time for anything, too.
    I guess we'll have to recover without it ;)
    Feel better soon!

  5. Definitely laughing with you, not at you! Just think of all the goodness you consumed in those milliseconds of chewing raw ginger.

    Hope you feel better really soon!

  6. LOL! The 'hairy' bit freaked me and grossed me out completely! Yuck!

    P.S. Is Sylwia from Poland? :) X

  7. Ginger in its natural state...its just disgusting! I am sorry that you trusted your dear friend! Although it is totally funny...hahah.

  8. That is both hilarious and repulsive! I hate raw ginger and cannot fathom chewing on it, so you definitely deserve a prize for trying! The hairiness is definitely the turnoff for me, along with the fact that it just burns.

    Keep taking care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon! There are some seriously nasty colds going around my area and I wouldn't wish them on anyone :(

  9. Hahahahaha "ERROR." Hilarious!!!! I've never tried REAL ginger. I was supposed to buy it for a recipe last week, but I was scared and used the powder instead.

    I hope you feel better!!! Hugs!

  10. Oh you do make me laugh Nicola! Hope you feel better very soon.

    (and you're right ginger does taste like ass) xx

  11. sounds like your best friend just got fired.

  12. I love ginger and love making tea with it, it's really good for nausea, it smells beautiful...but I agree, chewing on raw ginger is GROSS!

  13. Such a funny story! No fun chewing raw ginger at all. I tried ginger once and I loved it, it's really good for you! Making it into tea is the best. xx

    Stephanie Lula

  14. Haha this made me laugh! I hope you feel better though :) xx


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