9 April 2013

Spring came.

And then left.


Well, now that I have that out of my system and into the internet I can move onto some more serious matters. Such as...

Was it okay to drink hot toddy's laced with (lots of) whiskey at 10am both Saturday and Sunday?

Why have I worn the same socks today as I did yesterday when I have hundreds of pairs to choose from?

What is the best way to have my Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning? With just water? With lemon and water? Oh the choices...

Actually why can't Apple Cider Vinegar just taste nicer?

Why can't my hands be smaller?

Why didn't I think to put a towel down at the top of my mat to stop my hands from slipping in Downward Dog earlier? After weeks of slipping around, problem solved.

Why does my brain seems to be churning out nothing but stupid questions and thoughts today?

Looks like we will never know the answer to that last one so that folks, is all I have got for you today...

If you unfollow I really won't hold it against you!


  1. good idea about the towel! i seem to always be a little slippery as well :)

  2. you are amazing! ;) <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. Are you sure you didn't take that picture in my town? Because it was freaking BEAUTIFUL on Sunday, and then last night I couldn't sleep because it was raining sideways, and it's still pouring and DARK today. Ridiculous. So much for "spring."

    I looooove my ACV with lemon juice and water and a little bit of Stevia...tastes like morning lemonade, haha.

  4. (I love your new profile picture!) Spring has come and gone here, too... and then come some more, and left even more. It's like the weather is having hormonal issues, it's ridiculous. The conversations we have with our brains are the best - mine usually consist solely of "shuttup brain, shuttup"! xxx

  5. I feel the same about spring (hope it comes back soon!). I want to try apple cider vinegar too but have no idea how to take it either??
    Daniella x

  6. I can't answer all your questions but the hot toddy one is a no brainer - YOU WERE ILL ;) Oooh and if you move you hands further away from your face, they will appear smaller - could this solve the issue?! The apple cider vinegar debate - just down it girl. And don't get me started on the issue of Spring *pulls mad looking face*


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