The last few weeks..

7 April 2013

Nothing new to report from over here in Balham. I have spent the last few gloriously sunny days either in bed or on my sofa resting and it's getting reallllllyyy old if you ask me. A girl can only take so much. 
So what I thought I would do is put together one of those generic 'this is what I have been up to the past few weeks' filler posts... and hopefully in the week my brain will click back into normal mode and you will get back your witty Nicola..or something like that.. 

Me & Ben enjoyed a gorgeous date night at The Savoy:
I spent time with Tash sorting out her new swanky flat, and in return she gave me her favourite bracelet as a thank you:
We spent Easter Sunday eating glorious amounts of cake and drinking lots of tea wine: 
 I also wacked out my 'bunny face':
Bank Holiday Monday was spent enjoying the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum.
And this weekend has been filled with sleep, coughing (gross), eating cake and welcoming my newest giraffe to the flat. Isn't he gorgeous??
Now, let's all hope that I start to feel better soon. For everyone sake. 
How are all of you Rugrats???


  1. Looks like you've had a nice time recently. Hope you feel better soon :) Where is the giraffe from, he's so cute?

    1. Ah thank you Charlotte, that's really sweet of you, I hope I feel better too!!
      The giraffe is from a little shop in mummy bought it for me as she knows I love giraffe's!!

  2. cakes!
    i'm jealous already

  3. Oh no still poorly then?! What a bummer. I think, personally, you need more cake and date nights and maybe a cuddly giraffe :)

  4. Ah I hate being ill, when I was younger my dad would always make me a hot honey, lemon and ginger drink too :) Hope you feel better!
    Daniella x

  5. Hi

    I am a new follower and your blog is lovely.

    Hope you feel better soon x


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