The finest of weekends...

22 April 2013

I woke up this morning and for about five minutes thought it was Sunday morning. It was glorious.
The few minutes after I realised it was Monday were not so nice. So I decided to go back to sleep. Who needs to spend more than fifteen minutes to get dressed and made up anyway?!
Not me.
I didn't want the weekend to be over because it was so lovely.
Saturday was spent with Claire at the UK Yoga Asana Championships.
It was weird and fun at the same time.
One minute we were finding ourselves getting completely caught up and really rooting for the contestants, willing them to keep balanced and in posture properly, and the next minute we were texting the boyfriends and wandering when the floor postures would be over with. (They hadn't thought everything through properly as the stage was quite low and the seating wasn't raised enough, which made watching the floor postures impossible.)
So yeah, weird and fun!!
Saturday night was spent chilling out with Ben and Goblin. I did a little reading before giving up to ogle over Thor for the rest of the evening.
Sunday morning was spent finishing Child 44 which Sam lent me a few weeks ago.
This book was amazing!!! It kept me completely gripped and emotionally involved throughout the whole story.
A definite must read.
I even read it whilst having my bath in the morning which was quite a big deal for me as I really hate my hands being dry when I am in the bath!! I have never managed to not dunk my hands in the bath, book in tow before, so was rather proud of myself.
Gosh, that makes me sounds sad.
Sunday afternoon we had Alex over to visit so we basically ate all day. Pulled pork buns, cookies, crisps, dips, chocolate, popcorn. You name it, I probably ate it yesterday.
(Just want to point out that I only got a handful of the popcorn before the boys got their hands on it. So unfair!)
After we stuffed our faces, watched a few films and took a (much needed) nap we headed out to meet Claire and Krissy to congratulate them on their awesome marathon success and to have a much needed G&T.
I am hoping that when I wake up tomorrow it is actually Sunday again. Wouldn't that just be so lovely??


  1. i feel like i knew most of this anyway via instagram but its still lovely nevertheless :) im curious about the yoga asana you went to, seems interesting to me!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I spent Saturday night ogling Thor aswell ;)

  3. Slippery slope from yoga championship to chic chip cookies and empty popcorn bowls!

  4. Popcorn <3 You had an entertaining, interesting weekend, compared to mine! xx

  5. This looks wonderful - especially the food! (I'm currently staring through the oven door willing my roast potatoes to cook faster, so this may be a biased opinion.) xox

  6. I woke up Sunday thinking it was Saturday :(
    Sounds like a good weekend, have you ever been to Bodeans in Soho? They do good pulled pork sandwiches.

  7. Your weekends always look so lovely!

    Jennie xo |

  8. My partner gave me his Child 44 book to read! It's so good! :)

  9. What a wonderful weekend you had. Lucky us you share it with us :)
    Love your writing style so much, you always make me smile, even with the simplest things :D


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