26 April 2013

I have been REALLY missing little Lolly. This one is half cat/half monkey I'm sure, she climbed up my FULL BODY one morning to rest on my shoulder. It was quite impressive considering she was only about 10cm tall at the time. I have started to demand that my sister sends me a picture every day of her. Too much? Probably. 
I hung out with some very handsome men on Wednesday. We went for a few drinks and some gorgeous food at the Fitzrovia Belle  on Tottenham Court Road. Well worth a visit as the food was gorgeous and they even do promotions on wine some days, which meant that I could totally justify having four glasses of Chiante. It was on SALE!!!
I discovered this photo of Goblin on Ben's phone. Made me laugh silly amounts. I am thinking that a GIF needs to be made over this...
I have begun to re-organise some of the crap stuff in my life. Using old plant pots as a way to store all my brushes and daily hair products is a favourite of mine at the moment. I keep on wanting to get rid of all our plants to fuel this obsession. Watch out plants.
I have also decided that I am due for a big de-clutter in general, so ladies now is the time to 'accidently on purpose' come round to visit as I am sure you will leave with a handful of beauty goodies that I am just not using... Just a little heads up there!!
Plans this weekend??


  1. I am in full on de-cluttering mode as well, it must be that time of year! Although I can be quite ruthless, so I generally have to keep the donate box around for about a month in case I realize that I've gotten rid of my entire wardrobe :)

  2. Uhm, just invited myself to hang out with those handsome men.

  3. Ouun so sweet! I have been trying to convince my boyfriend to get a kitten but so far to no avail since our lifestyle is not very pet-stable yet! But sometime soon, I hope!



  4. What a cute little baby cat!!! I think you need one. Goblin needs company, right? ;)

  5. Ha, I work near tcr (as I like to call it in my super cool way) and I go to the Fitzrovia Belle all the time! It's nice isn't it, especially now that they've tarted it up a bit. My weekend consists of job applications. As did last weekend, and probably as will next weekend. oh, the joys of adult life. Hope you have a lovely one! xox

  6. THE KITTEN. Adorable. As is Goblin, always.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Awwww kitten!! too adorable...I bet Goblin is jealous! x

  8. So so cute, it's a shame I don't live in London anymore, I'm sure we could be crazy cat lady friends, haha! I'm also on a big declutter at the moment and finding lots of uses for empty jars etc. love the plant pots as holders. Have a lovely weekend x

  9. That picture of Goblin is hilarious. When Shad was a kitten (I nearly wrote baby :/ ) he used to climb up me whenever I was washing up and sit on my shoulder like a parrot, it was so sweet.

  10. No it's not too much to ask-- I mean who doesn't need a dose of that kind of cuteness every day?!

  11. I'm inviting myself over for some free beauty goodies (not that I need any more haha!)

    Lolly is SO SO cuteeeee but Goblin is my favourite <3

    Jennie xo |

  12. That pic of Goblin is awesome! It made me laugh out loud.
    And Lolly is so adorable :)
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
    Mine was stuffed with friends, studying and riding - which made it a good one ;)

  13. Ok, the brushes in the pots just totally solved a conundrum I've had for years now. I've been trying to figure out something to do with them for so long, so thank you!!!

    That picture of Goblin gave me the giggles! And LOLLY!!! I am so in love!


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