A totally useless breakthrough and SPRING IS HERE!!!!!

23 April 2013

This may not be a big deal for all you watermelon lovers, but for me it really is. I have always hated watermelon. I am sure something happened when I was a little kiddo that gave me bad memories of it; maybe someone smooshed it on my face, maybe I had a bad chunk from a bad watermelon, maybe I choked on it for a while?
Who knows.
The point of the matter is that pretty much every time someone has offered me some watermelon they have been disgusted shocked by me not wanting a big slab of it. Something about it being super hydrating and good for you. I just don't like it.
But today... I was feeling a little adventurous! In my super healthy lunch fruit platter (what a mouthful!) there was a whole section just for watermelon. And I decided that I would eat it ALL.
I really don't know why, I just did.
And it wasn't that bad.
Certainly not as bad as this.
But still not my favourite.
I honestly don't know why I am telling you all this, but it was the first thing that popped into my head.
You know what else is a big deal??
The fact that SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!
It's glorious.
And I love it.


  1. Ah so happy the weather has decided to take a good turn. Happy days!


  2. Well done for eating watermelon! The weather is beautiful, I've been sat in the embankment garden this evening and it's been lovely, I'm really hoping the sunshine sticks around.

  3. The weather was so lovely today! I hate watermelon. Wish I liked it, always looks so good but just hate the taste.

  4. hehe good for you for braving it and trying it again! to me watermelon just tastes like fruity water (which i guess is what it is..). my husband is the same way with pineapple, i think something must have happened to him as a child! i beg him to try it again but he acts as if its the most repulsive thing in the world! i dont get it.

  5. Hooray to the arrival of Spring!
    Well done for eating water melon. I always find it more water then melon, however it reminds me of Summer and holidays so it can't be that bad : )

  6. Now I feel like eating watermelon!

  7. I'm so jealous you get to go to The Saatchi Gallery on your lunch break. And you know your thing with watermelon? I've always had the same thing with berries, and then I found out recently from my cousin (I don't know why my mum just didn't tell me) that I had eaten unripe berries from a bush when I was a baby and became seriously ill from it. Freaky.

  8. Your story reminds me a bit of my Mom boycotting watermelon because....she really doesn't like my Grandpa...he's not a nice man, and in the summer he always goes around with plates of watermelon and tries to force people to eat it but my Mom refuses.
    But I have to say, watermelon is a heck of a lot tastier than ginger. If anyone ever tries to convince you to eat pickled nutmeg, either, don't do it. Spices are not meant to be eaten in chunks.

  9. Yay for Spring! Although it's currently raining here *sad face*
    I don't like watermelon, but other types of melon I'm all for, I don't know why. It's like I love regular potatoes but not sweet potatoes. I'm weird!

    Jennie xo |

  10. Watermelon is my fave!!! I love it!

  11. Good move! Sometimes it's nice to come back to foods that we used to hate. I've been avoiding avocados for years, and it turns out they're amazing!!

  12. Lovely sunshine!

    Watermelon breakthroughs are important. Very important. Don't look at me like that. It's true. :)


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