A thank you and linky linky things..

18 April 2013

Goblin bought me flowers on Tuesday.
Aren't they gorgeous??
I have a suspicion that he is trying to get a mention on here as there was A LOT of love for Lolly yesterday (what did he expect??) and he is feeling a little left out. Well you are in luck Goblin as flowers are the way to my heart blog. Thank you so much, they put a massive smile on my face :)
Today I thought I would do a kind of "linky linky thingy" (proper English is escaping me today..) of all the awesome things I have been seeing around the internet the past few days.
+ Nouvelle helping you try to find the right foundation shade.
+ Some of my most commented on posts are those ones where I talk about my approach to self-care and how I am learning to treat myself with kindness and compassion (here). If that is your kind of thing head on over to The Perfectly Imperfect Project where there is a whole bunch of gorgeous and inspirational women shedding light on the topics of self-love and self-care.
+ Everything on here, here and here. Big laughs...
+ These prints by my gorgeous gorgeous friend Susan. I am so lucky to have one of these up in our flat. So talented!!
+ Jamie G. Dougherty's take on living a well fed life.
And just to finish off...Goblin as a tiny kitten:
And Goblin as he is now.. about 84 times the size:


  1. Goblin is one good looking cat :)

    I miss having a cat around but then I am allergic so probably a good thing ;)

  2. Goblin! What a kind cat to give you those pretty flowers :) and oh my gosh, those prints are very cool!

  3. Goblin is SUCH a good boy, he knows how to treat a girl right ;) And he is just as scrummy as Lolly! x

  4. Hahaha those tumblrs are hilarious!

    GOBLIN!!! I wish I had seen Noel as a kitten. I know she was precious!

  5. Awwww, so cute that pic of Goblin as a kitten.
    He's such a beautiful boy!
    What would we do without our sweet cats? :)

  6. Aww, such a cute cat!
    I Just came across your blog and LOVE it! Following you on GFC, facebook and bloglovin. Hope to stay in touch x

  7. I love your self care posts and I also have used the yoga links you shared recently to get myself some morning exercise.

  8. Goblin is such a cutieeee! Such good taste in flowers too <3

    Jennie xo |

  9. I am only just seeing this post. I think Goblin and Shadow are related.


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