5 things I don't understand and a sort of Happy Birthday to my little sister....

12 April 2013

First things first, thank you all so much for your kind words on yesterday's post. You guys are the bomb diggity.
Last night Sylwia came over to mine for dinner, some wine and a good old catch up. It was a pretty lovely evening and I have a feeling I may have even won her over to venturing south of the river a little more!

Today let's talk about things that I don't understand...
(stolen completely from this gorgeous lady. she won't mind, it will be my sofa she stays on when she comes to visit!!)

1. Why I can go the whole week without craving alcohol whatsoever and then as soon as Friday 3pm hits it's like my body goes "GIVE ME A PORNSTAR NOW"??
(and by pornstar I mean the cocktail: talked about here)

2. Why I wasn't born in a country that is blessed with gorgeous sunny weather all year round??
It doesn't even need to be hot sunny weather, just sunny.
Like Colorado..every time I have been there it has been SUNNY. Not always hot, but definitely sunny.

3. Why I don't live closer to Alissa, Shay, Michelle and Jenni ?? Because I sure would love to get to know them in real life too...

4. My sister is turning 21 tomorrow and I cannot wrap my head around this. Since when did she become a grown up? When did I become an even older grown up big sister???

5. Why Tasha and her friends at school dressed up like this:
Or decided it would be a good idea to drink a whole bottle of Malibu at some random house party a few years ago and run around the garden dressed like this...
At least this weekends festivities will be a little classier. I hope.


  1. Happy 21st Birthday to your sister tomorrow! And the last one looks like a crazy but fun night have a great weekend!

  2. Ah i adore your blog, i love your writing style so much! x

  3. Your sister sounds fun!

  4. Awww happy birthday to your sister :-) xx

  5. You are the best, Nicola. I WILL be sleeping on your couch. I WILL.


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