6 March 2013

When I have finally reached my limit on how many episodes of House I can watch during the week (its 4 every evening by the way), I end up longing to escape out of the house and needing to plonk myself back in the real world.
However due to my financial woes (who doesn't have them?!) I end up trawling through deals online, hunting religiously for any offers that will allow me some time out in this gorgeous city (preferably with a cocktail or two!)...
In swoops Travel Zoo... the best place to search for the best deals in London!

All the hassle of hunting around the internet, rummaging through pages and pages of un-relevant deals are way waaaayyy in my past. Travel Zoo do all that for you and bring you the best of the bunch to choose from.
At the moment I have my eye set on the Afternoon Tea and Cocktail deal as a little treat for me and Ben...what do you think?? (this review sold it for me) and when it comes to planning my next Daddy Daughter Day I will certainly be heading there for some inspiration!

If you are a Londoner go have a nosey around this website. You really can find some complete gems...have fun!
Brought to you in conjunction with Travel Zoo.


  1. Sounds good, I'll have a look!

  2. Ooh I'm always on the lookout for a good deal, I think I'll definitely bookmark this site!

    Jennie xo |

  3. travel zoo sounds great. too bad i'm not a londoner :(


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