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5 March 2013

This sunshine in London at the moment is like a drug. It makes me all woozy and giddy and I love it.
Last night when I left work to walk the 15 minutes to the station I didn't rush for the first time since last summer. I took my time, I enjoyed the fresh air and the blue skies and I dawdled.
It was gorgeous.
The only kind of bad thing about the gorgeous weather at the moment is it is making me lust after summer even more than I already have been, which I am convinced at this level is not healthy. 
So. good.

//Looking forward to//
Tomorrow night.
Me, Ben, Tash and Sean are off to the Give It Up for Comic Relief gig at Wembley and I am SO excited!!
We also get to spend most of Thursday together too which will be lovely.

All of the steps I am taking at the moment to work towards the life that I want to live. To be happy and to be fulfilled. Exciting stuff.
After my healthy lunch obviously.
But seriously though, this is the first of those steps that I am taking to happiness.
Cake = instant happiness. Carrot cake with gorgeous frosting = double happiness.
Having a walk around Sloane Square in the sunshine after eating said cake = triple happiness.


  1. that carrot cake looks AMAZING!! love this post!

  2. I have been drooling over that carrot cake since yesterday! Think it would still taste good if you shipped me a piece ;)

  3. I am loving the sunshine and the fact that I could carry my coat on the way to work this morning. I'm hoping it lasts, I want to do the big egg hunt at the weekend!
    Is that the book about the guy who goes to post the letter and doesn't return? I think I read the back of it and couldn't decide between that and The 100 Year Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared, I went for the latter, but sent the one you are reading in the Cara Box I did.
    Enjoy tomorrow night, I've never been to the O2, I'm seeing Pink there next month though :)
    Really proud of you for all the steps you are taking to get the life you want, you are a good example.
    I saw the cake on yor Instagram, looks yummy.

  4. oh em geeeee carrot cake <3

  5. I was going to comment about how jealous I was that you're going to Give It Up For Comic Relief until I saw that carrot cake! That looks SERIOUSLY good

  6. I'm soooo jealous! Sunshine and carrot cake! Perfection.

  7. Ahh that carrot cake! Looks so good. I can only imagine what sunshine in London feels like! I'm from Chicago where winters are soo gloomy.. Here in the DR I try not to take the sunshine for granted :D

  8. Wasn't the sunshine so perfect today ! It's the first time in months I didn't have to wear a coat while I was out. Glad you're taking steps in the right direction :)

  9. Wasn't the sunshine so perfect today ! It's the first time in months I didn't have to wear a coat while I was out. Glad you're taking steps in the right direction :)

  10. Cake is definitely the perfect recipe for happiness. Plus carrot cake is healthy, right?
    Everybody's been going on about the sunshine today- sadly Leeds is foggy and generally pretty miserable. Flipping typical.
    Kaz x

  11. It's so nice to see some sunshine, it definitely makes me more chirpy and puts a spring in my step!
    Claire x

  12. I'm off to the gig too- whoop! Should be a good one! X

  13. OMG that cake looks amazing and sounds so good- double happiness. Gotta get me some!
    Daniella x

  14. CAKE! That looks yummy. Can you tell I'm hungry?!?

    Ohhh the sunshine! I love it. I try to make myself bask outside my office for a few minutes each day just to soak it up!

  15. Cake is the secret to happiness. It really is!

    I'm so happy you're working toward living the way you want to. Isn't that the best feeling?! :) I've been working on it too.

  16. I love what you are loving.

    It just warmed my soul, working towards what kind of life we want.. it's easier said then done.. it takes daily, moment by effort at times.

    Oh, one day I'll strap Alissa to my back, and visit you.


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