The little things game...

19 March 2013

The sun came out to play today. 
It was glorious.
My Vitamin D levels are dangerously low for this time of year and I am very worried that I may never be tanned sun kissed again. With that in mind I took a nice long walk on my lunch break to catch some rays. On my face. It was to damn cold to go coat-less. 
As I was listening to the White Lies album for the 85th time this week* I started playing a game with myself. 

Let's see what little things I can notice.

(I know, I know, call me game inventor of the year, I'm here to inject fun into your lives...)

*I only have about 40 songs on my iPhone. Most are circa 2007. The White Lies are the best thing on there by FAR. And they are actually good, so there's that!
When I lifted my head and looked forward and around instead of down, I discovered that not only is Chelsea heartbreakingly beautiful but it also hosts a whole load of weird little details. Curly gates, marble steps, angels in the brick walls (????!!!!), creatures and lions on doors...
And these were just the ones I saw today. 
I have a feeling that I might be playing this game again tomorrow.
But right now I am off to go nibble on some of the breakfast bars that I made this evening. So yummy guys, so yummy! 


  1. I approve of this game.

    It's clever.

    I might play one day, steal your idea? deal?

  2. I freaking love White Lies!!! Do they still exist? Is there new music?? (I could probably look these things up myself...).

  3. Awesome idea for a lunchtime game! I may have to try this myself one of these days. ;)

  4. I needed to be in Chelsea because the sun did not come out to play in Islington, although I did see it in Camden for about 5 minutes.

    I like small details, someone has graffitied two small butterflies on a wall I walk past every day on the way to work and whenever I see them they make me smile, another road I walk along has the word "choice" written on a paving stone and on Monday I saw children's handprints painted another paving stone....there isn't quite the "grandness" of Chelsea in the N postcodes, but I like my small details none the less.

  5. Awwww! That's why I love Europe, so much history and weird little things that are such an integral part of the landscape that no one notices them anymore <3

  6. I wish the sun would come out today, it's a little shy after making a lovely appearance yesterday. Also - you made your own breakfast bars?? YUM!

  7. What beautiful pictures! So much history without even realising! x

  8. Stealing this. It is fantastic.

    I love those pictures and the weird details. I think this Chelsea area and I would get along famously ;)

    Love you, Nicola!

  9. I absolutely think you should post the recipe for your breakfast bars!

    I love to walk around London on my lunch break, I don't take a particular route. Just walk and then turn every now and then. That's also a fun game.


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