Missing : the sun / a list of things to make me feel better

26 March 2013

Apologies for the caps but this time last year it was sunny and warm: the winter coats had been stored away, the flip flops were busted out and there was certainly no appearances from snow!!!
I just cannot wrap my head around it.
I feel the caps are justified.
If you have the sun, can we please borrow it for just this weekend??? Us Brits really would appreciate having a bit of sunshine for our yummy four day weekend...and we bloody deserve it after the winter we have had.
To make myself feel a little better here are some random things I have been enjoying this past week...
+ This shampoo and conditioner. Really good stuff. And because it was 3 for 2 I got this too.. it's just good maths.
+ These spaces on the internet: Susannah Conway, The Freedom Experiment, Brene Brown and Mish lovin' life for some good old belly laughs.
+ This post by the gorgeous Jennie.
+ Getting to see my mum last night and drinking a little too much for a Monday.
+ Wearing these simple white tees from River Island.
+ Having one of these sessions tomorrow. Bring it on.
What have you been loving in spite of this HORRIBLE WINTER we are having????


  1. Yes we definitely need sunshine for this weekend!! I could cry I'm that cold!! xx

  2. That top picture of you, just sums up how I am feeling right now! I was moaning on like a raving loon to the hubby the other day telling him I am going to have to max out the credit cards and go abroad for a week because I JUST CANNOT TAKE THIS WEATHER ANYMORE!!!! (you are right caps are justified) and he even told me to go and do it (I must have looked even more looney than I sounded!). Well we can guarantee zero sunshine for the bank holiday weekend can't we. 'Cos bank holiday + sun + UK are NEVER seen in the same sentence :(

  3. This weather is not fun but at least it's dry. Lovely list, crafting is making me happy at the moment, I'm enjoying seeing it all come together.

  4. maybe you should go to bali now :)
    it's more likely summer, but still. ha!

  5. I'll tell mr.Sun to come and pay you a visit. He's been such a great guest here, but I'm sure he'd love to pay UK a visit soon.
    Even though we don't have bad weather here, I'm grateful for good movies, great books and fantastic blogs (like yours) that I can share with my friends :D
    Loved this post Nicola!
    Happy day!

  6. Nothing wrong with drinking a little too much on a Monday! I'm sending the sun your way - sounds like you need it more than I do :)

  7. We've got sun but still no warmth! Though rumor is that tomorrow is supposed to be warm(ish).

  8. Ahhh girl, it has snowed every day here! I woke up to 4 or 5 inches of it yesterday. This time last year we had already had 2 tornadoes and the leaves were coming out. Crazy!

    I would love a glass of wine right now!

  9. Seriously, where is the sunshine - it's snowing AGAIN right now. Waaaaaah

    Jennie xo |


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