I think you will find..

15 March 2013

That this is how me and my sister spend most of our evenings.
Looking sexy as shit.
And then texting each other about it. You are lucky that I didn't post the rest of our ugly faces.
Your welcome.
That Tash is the best sister anyone could ask for.
That Friday is the best day of the week by a gazillion miles.
That it is much easier than I thought to get up early in the morning to do my yoga practise.  
That eating nutella straight from the jar is the second best thing to do as soon as you get home.
I don't have to tell you that the number one best thing is putting on your ugliest pyjamas and making yourself a cup of tea do I??
That is is totally okay to then eat a whole bag of Galaxy Counters just a few hours later.
That bloglovin is definitely the best way to read blogs. You can follow me here. Oh, and I am agreeing with Nicole about pretty much everything she says about the blog world!
and lastly I think you will find...
That it is totally normal to get so completely emotionally involved with House that you feel you are literally right there in that hospital with those people, all messed up in their drama. It is tense. Really tense.
But I suppose that's what happens when you watch six seasons in two months...
Have a good Friday you lovely people!!


  1. You literally just described my evening yesterday. Except I ate peanut butter not nutella, and it was a bag of minstrels. Nice to know it's not just me!


  2. That is not one ugly muggin (ref: twitter!). This is how I like to spend most of my life, it is a shame that we mostly have to reserve it for evenings, don't think the p.j. look would go down to well with most of my clients! And you are right putting on ya jim jams and having a nice hot cuppa IS.THE.BEST.

  3. nutella straight from the jar is the only way to eat it. That and dipping strawberries in it. yum yum

  4. PJ's/Comfies and a cup of tea (preferably with biscuits) is definitely the best thing to do when you get in from work. I'm not a Nutella fan though, sorry, I hope we can still be friends!

  5. I diggin' using bloglovin' ... it seems way more fun :)

  6. Haha I did exactly the same with House last year when I was off uni for the summer and so bored, watched everything that was out in a month :s
    At the end I couldn't stand Hugh Laurie's face!
    Daniella x

  7. What in the world is GALAXY COUNTERS?

    I swear.

  8. i have to say that when I had a job (oh, unemployment) I loved getting up for my early morning yoga class, it set a nice tone for the rest of my day!

  9. Hahaha my sister and I do the same! Nutella, galaxy counters, PJs and've found my heaven xxxx

  10. LOL the pics of you and your sister are hilarious! :D
    Agreed! Ugliest pyjamas, a cup of tea and nutella with a huge spoon straight out of the jar - best thing ever when coming home from work :)
    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  11. Ahhhhh this is adorable! It makes me wish I had a sister xx


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