Headaches & morning yoga..

14 March 2013

Yesterday I had a headache that was so bad that even two doses of (rather strong) pain killers, four hours of sleep and numerous cuddles from Goblin didn't do anything to help. I felt like the weather; miserable and fuzzy. The headache had been brewing steadily since Sunday and yesterday it took the life right out of me. And it wasn't the first time it had been this bad either. I have been dealing with migraines and tension headaches on and off since I was about 13 years old. They are a part of my everyday  life. Sometimes I can deal with them and sometimes I can't. Yesterday afternoon as I was curled up in bed, crying and miserable I knew that I needed to do something. 
So I got up out of bed and put my yoga mat, my bolster and my strap in the living room. I opened the laptop, pulled up one of my favourite yoga videos (you can amazing ones here: Do Yoga With Me) and then closed the laptop and went straight back to bed.
This morning I got up at 6:30am, brushed my teeth, washed my face and put on my yoga pants that give me a good bum (it's the small things ladies!).
And then I made my way to my very own yoga space.
My living room.
I really am NOT a morning person (evidence here) but preparing everything last night meant that I didn't even have to think about it.
All I had to do was turn up. Be present.
The sun was up, the windows were open and I spent an hour "yoga-ing". Stretching slowly and gently, listening to what my body needed.
Precious time spent focusing on just my body sensations gave me a new perspective and today I feel better. My mind is quieter and some of that tension has floated away.
I know that yoga will not "cure me" overnight but it will help with relieving some of my tension headaches, improve my posture, how I feel about my body and even help deal with the pain itself.
Making the decision to self-care has been the most important one I have ever made for myself and yoga is just one more of these little steps for me. My aim is to do this practise just a few times a week and to see where it goes. No unrealistic goals here!!
Today I am giving myself a little pat on the back and a little grace.
Yesterday was one of those bad days. Today is one of those good days.


  1. yoga just has its way of making things, alright. good for you for getting up early to do it :) and i can relate with the headache thing, i go through the same shit with them!

  2. I'm glad you found something that makes you feel a little better. It's very inspiring! I've been suffering from insomnia and anxiety pretty much my whole life but never gave Yoga a make it sound so lovely and relaxing though!

  3. I tend to forget to take care of myself. You just reminded me that pilates used to do this for me - relax me, unwind me and make me and my body feel better. I haven't done it in way too long! I should really start it again soon! :)
    I'm very glad yoga helped you so much and I hope you're headache is all gone by now so you can enjoy a wonderful weekend ahead.

  4. I find yoga is the best way to calm, relax and get body and mind into shape. I have not done in it awhile because I find something else to do. Mainly watch tv. But you have spurred me a little and next week I will hopefully try and start to get yoga life back on track. Maybe not in the morning though, not ready for that haha. I hope it works for you :-) xx

  5. I am on a similar path as you.
    I hope you are able to have more "good" days to "bad" days. All I hope for (as a migraine sufferer) is to be able to manage them.


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