Found: the sun / a self-care update

27 March 2013

That picture right there? Well, it was taken on my way to work this morning. At precisely 7:36am.
And do you notice anything unusual about it????
Yup, you guessed...the Sun has come out to play.
Hip hip hip hooray!
Mother nature paid attention to me and my blog post yesterday. She may not have turned the thermostat up, but she did bring the sunshine and that is at least something.

London, you're welcome.

Moving on...
Last night I had a full and completely uninterrupted nights sleep. It was delicious I tell you. I put it down to the hour and a half I spent on my yoga mat, the bubble filled bath that followed and the hearty pasta bake Ben made for us to devour whilst we caught up on each others days.
It was a really nice evening. And one that I plan to repeat tonight.
(second day pasta bake is almost always better anyways..)
If you have been reading for a while (you lucky peeps!) you will know that in the last few weeks I have started to really delve into how I am treating myself and how I can improve the relationship that I hold with myself. I have invested in life coaching with the gorgeous Sas, signed up for a restorative yoga course next month with Patricia, am working with Marianne Elliot to implement yoga into my every day home life with her 30 days of yoga course and started journaling to keep me centred and focused throughout the whole thing.
I'm doing well guys! I have made progress!
I am making progress every time I choose to be kind to myself (and the size of my bum) instead of being nasty to myself. I am making progress every time I wack out my yoga mat and treat myself with compassion with where I am that day and how I am feeling in that moment. I am making progress with every coaching session I have, with every word written in my journal and with every moment that I stop, look around, check in and just take a breath.

And the biggest shift? The fact that I really am trusting in myself that this all works out perfectly.

It's a pretty nice feeling this self-care stuff....


  1. 'Last night I had a full and completely uninterrupted nights sleep. It was delicious I tell you.' i love how that sounds. i think its so great that you are doing all these things to improve yourself, i really do. yoga has always helped me as well, and journaling :) your happiness is contagious my friend. xo

  2. YESSS. The sun! I'm glad it found its way to you, pretty lady :)

    Putting trust into something is so difficult, I'm glad you're doing so well with it all!

  3. I feel like London and Sitka could go head-to-head as far as gray days are concerned! The sun feels like such a luxury when it decides to show its face...haha.

    Maybe I need to try this yoga+bubble bath thing before bed. ;)

  4. Oh, yay the sun is out! Finally, it's also out in Vienna (a rare sighting, haven't seen it in weeeks) :)

    The things you are doing sound well thought and wonderful relaxing. I guess on my "selfcare list" would be a 'go running' note, since I am sooo lazy when it comes to sports (shhhh!) ;) Nice post!

  5. Aw I'm so happy for you, friend! So glad things are turning around. The sun came out today too for the first time in a while, AND I went for a little bike ride after work. It's so nice when we do these little things for ourselves.

  6. I'm so happy to hear it all works out for you, that is great news.
    And what's better than a good night's sleep? :)
    Hope the sun will stay now - it makes everything so much better.
    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

  7. A lovely post :) Sometimes I forget to be nice to me, so you've given me some well as the sunshine which I am, obviously, oh so grateful for!

    - Tabitha at x

  8. This made me smile. Go you! Yoga is powerful, it always improves my mood.


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