An apology / letter to Ben...

8 March 2013

This post contains mush. Look away now if you can't be dealing with that today.
Dear Ben,
Thank you for looking after me yesterday. I'm sorry that because I was (horribly) hungover we didn't get to go out and explore London like we had planned to.
Thank you for popping out to sainsburys and treating me to chocolate and my favourite sweets; fizzy fangs, thank you for bringing me big pints of ice cold water all day and thank you for making sure that I regularly got kisses & cuddles from you and Goblin.
I promise this weekend I will make it up to you. We can do whatever you like, go explore wherever you like and eat whatever you want.  I promise to bake some yummy treats and make endless cups of tea for you.
You really are my best friend and I don't know what I would do without you.
Thank you again.
Love Joebeff
p.s I promise never to drink pints of wine again on an empty stomach. Stupid idea Nicola. Stupid.


  1. This is too sweet, I'm glad that you had someone to look after you yesterday and that you are feeling better and brighter today. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Very cute.

    I've also learned the hard way about wine on an empty stomach. Never again!

  3. Oh dear, one too many cooking sherries eh?! We've all been there ;) Well done to 'Nurse' Ben for doing such a sterling job :)

  4. Haha oh I've been there ;) Baking sweet treats is always a winner, they can never resist for too long!

    Jennie xo |

  5. what in the world are fizzy fangs?

    and yes, wine is by far my worst hangover, ever.

    not really, all of them were horrifying.

  6. You're one of the cutest couples I know :)
    What a sweet post - have an awesome weekend!
    (And I want some of the yummy baked treats, please ;)

  7. Erm excuse me, i seem to remember someone scoffing half of my waffle fries...empty stomach my fucking arse. p.s. i think the pints of wine were my idea...soz

  8. Ohhhh.... but pints of wine are ALWAYS a good idea xx

  9. Great guys are the best!! Sounds like you have one. :)


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