A Sunday adventure with Hugo & a little talk about babies...

22 March 2013

It is no secret that I want to have children. Not now, but in the future. Three of them.
Am I mad?
But more of that another time.
(Mum & Dad: look away now and ignore this post ever happened. Trust me.)
All I hope is that our future three children are even remotely as cute as this little man right here:
Last Sunday we met up with Sarah, Hugo and our friend Simon for lunch at The Crown and Two Chairman in Soho.
Hugo tugged on my heart strings and made my ovaries twitch.
Big time.
(Mum & Dad: I told you not to read. You should listen to me you know. Let the worried phone calls demanding I 'wait to have children' begin. Yes, yes..I know, I know...)
Side note: see that spoon that I am holding?? I was trying to feeding Hugo ice cream, but it didn't go so well. I managed to fling ice cream all over my boobs whilst laughing about Hugo blowing raspberry's onto the spoon. After that experience I can only imagine how difficult it is to stay 'fresh/clean' as parents. Kids. make. mess. A lot of it. End of story.
As you can see by Ben's face, he thought Hugo was pretty darn snuggly too, so we offered to buy him. Unfortunately Sarah was unwilling to compromise on this. Such a shame.
It was so so SO nice to catch up with Sarah and Simon. The pub was gorgeous, the food delicious, the staff wonderful,the wine yummy (but then again wine is always delicious!) and the company was the best bit!! We spent hours at that little table nattering away and laughing... it was the MOST fun.
Sarah even managed to squeeze Hugo's stylish hat over her head at one point. Simon's face sums up what we were all thinking at this moment so perfectly:
Bless her.
Also...isn't Simon's jumper awesome?!
Sorry Sarah, I had to include this just sums us up perfectly...what gorgeous women we are..
Till next time guys. I love you all lots!
Oh and one last thing...
p.s how do you all control the desire to have babies?? I need tips people! Shoot them my way.


  1. Feeding babies is awesome, it gives me excuses for having food on my clothes (which is usually spilt by me, not the kids...but shhh!)

    Also, a great way to curb the baby thing is to do an overnight shift with newborn twins. Zomg, the most painful thing ever. Babies are great but SO SO HARD!!! Imagine having no more than 3 hours sleep at a stretch in 6 months (that's how often some babies feed) and then you have parenthood ;) I feel you though, some days I feel like I will break in half if I can't have a baby soon.

    1. Thank you for the tip Catherine! Definetely something that sounds like it would curb my baby fever!!! WIll ask to borrow Hugo for the night!! :) xxx

  2. why is the pig jumper not getting a say in this post!? i love that jumper!!

  3. You lot look so cute in these pics! My advice is babysit a child, preferably a poorly one, preferably two of them, a baby and toddler being the best combination and preferably overnight. Your ovaries will go into immediate hibernation - trust me!

  4. Hugo is so cute! What a great excuse for buying new clothes, having all your clothes in the washing basket has some advantages :) xo

  5. Hugo is amazing! I am sooo broody right now...but I am bridesmaid twice this year, once in May and once in I have to keep telling myself NO BABIES YET!!

  6. Aww gosh, Hugo is so ridiculously adorable, little boys are the best! <3

  7. Aww, what a cutie. What about offering to do some baby-sitting? Hugo time, but the realities of looking after him might convince you to wait a while!

  8. SO ADORABLE. That baby really is off the chain precious.

    Girl. The only I can control my baby fever is remember that I can sleep through the night and do what ever I want whenever I want.

    Who am I kidding. Nothing works anymore!

    1. Holy typos! I'm tired, obviously.

  9. AAAHHHH pig jumper!!! That thing is AMAZING! Also, loving the cat pic, obviously

    I don't have a hugely maternal side so i dont often have to control myself baby wise, but when i do get a twinge of baby lust i just remember that baby means no more movie marathons, no more long soaks in the tub and no more letting the cat share the bed (cats have some weird germ that is dangerous for pregnant woman apparently) - when ive thought about those things the urge just goes haha xxx

  10. Spending time with my niece is the best way to control the desire! I get a great baby fix every day but I also see enough of the worst of it to know I'm waiting for a while!

  11. What a cute kid. I think offering to babysit will definitely help, you can spend time with kids but not have them yourself. Win win.

  12. Such a fun post! Hugo is adorable. Although I don't have any baby fever control advice because I have fell directly into the ditch (currently family planning) lol

  13. Such great pictures :) looks like a great time with friends!

  14. Love this post - you look great in those pics! The color of your shirt makes me want spring to come even more :)
    Uhm, the desire for idea how to control that but if you find a way please share ;)
    Awww, you and Goblin - what a great pic!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  15. I was SO broody for a while, then babysat my niece for the first time. Cue total meltdown. Cured my broodiness prett5 sharpish!


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