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6 March 2013

Upon first glance this may look like a boob (certain angles permitting) but let me assure you it is NOT. What this actually is is my sister making a point and winning.

I  believe that there are two types of people in the world; people who dry themselves the proper way after a shower/bath and people who dry themselves the wrong way.

People who towel-dry v. People who air-dry.
Right v Wrong.

Every since I was a little kid I have always got out of the shower/bath and dried myself immediately. I have never been able to stand the idea of wandering around the house, loosely wrapped in a towel, covered in water drops and letting the air dry me. I am one of those people who have to towel-dry. Always.

My sister on the other hand falls under the "air-dry" type of people. As you can imagine, growing up with Tash could be quite stressful at times for me. She always seemed to be swanning around covered in water drops, sitting on beds making them wet, with her hair dripping everywhere waiting on nothing while the air "dries her".
She loved it. I hated it.
But she has always been like this and I accept her behaviour now that we are older. That is until she stays at mine and has a shower or I am at home and she has a shower. Then no. NO NO NO.
This "air-drying" business is not allowed.

Because she knows I feel this way she taunts me. She flits around me "air-drying" as slowly as possible, taking pure delight in the process. One time it got a bit much for me and  I managed to sneak up on her, wrap a towel round her shoulders and snatch all those water drops away. The sense of relief on my part was overwhelming and I am sure I even did a victory dance.

Other times though Tash wins.
Like when she sends me a picture of one little water drop on her shoulder (see picture above). A single drop that I will NEVER be able to snatch away because she isn't there for me to do so. Her air-drying away in another town.

She is making a point. She is winning this game.
And oh my, does that drive me mad!!!


  1. Ooh you wouldn't like me... I'm an air dry girl! I normally get the worst off with the towel but will happily swan about in my towel and inevitably sit on my bed and soak the duvet! My mum used to go mad at me when I lived at home for trailing wet footprints from the bathroom to my bedroom!
    Kaz x

  2. I'd say I'm a towel dry kinda person. I love that your sister sends you pictures like this to wind you up, it's exactly the kind of thing me and my sister would do :)

  3. At last, someone who feels the same way! That picture makes ME feel on edge. And people who go to sleep with wet hair? Don't even get me started... xx

  4. This made me laugh so much! I too am a towel-dry person, the thought of wandering around dripping wet makes me shudder. So I feel the pain when your sister sent you THAT picture!

  5. Ha this is funny- I'm an air drying king of girl too, although I have to dry my wet hair (with a hairdryer) straight away.
    Daniella x

  6. I'm a mix between the two

  7. I definitely can't air dry! I don't even like to let my hair air dry.

    Also, I thought that picture was of a pregnant belly. I'm glad it's just a shoulder :)

  8. My old college roommate used to air dry and get EVERYTHING in our room wet. It drove me crazy and I think it made me more of towel-dryer to make up for it!

  9. I love air drying but it does drive my boyfriend MAD because the sofa gets wet! :)

  10. Your post made me smile so much today. I love it :)
    I'm totally on your side by the way...I need my towel! :D (And I need others to need it, too ;)

  11. OH MY GOSH. The thought of those drops of water dropping down me gives me a MASSIVE anxiety attack. I am towel dry all the way. In fact, I turn the water off, grab my towel, and towel dry before even getting out! I can't handle the thought that not everyone does that.


  12. Haha I LOVED this post, you always make me smile! I'm definitely a towel dry person, I once tried to sleep with wet hair, it was summer and I was too hot and bothered to dry it properly before bed, but it annoyed me so much that I HAD to get up at 3am to blow dry it. There I was at 3am, with the extension cord sat in the garden blow drying my hair because I didn't want to wake up anyone in the house. Oh life haha

    Jennie xo |

  13. OMG the THOUGHT of air-drying gave me the heebie-jeebies. Wet hair on your back...touching your shirt...SO GROSSSSSS. Must towel dry.

  14. This post makes me giggle. I think I am half way in between. I call it drip drying, i wrap up in a towel and dressing gown and hair up in a turban thing. Can't stand everything getting wet but can't be bothered to towel dry straight away. Strange I know hehe. xx


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