A little snapshot of the last few weeks...

11 March 2013

My two favourite boys taking naps on our freshly ironed clothes.
*insert scream here*
Spending some time with Alan and Claire. And discovering that Alan has a "thing" for my glasses.
Indulging in some yummy 2 for 1 cocktails at The Exhibit.
Squeezing Goblin till my arms hurt.
Drinking a little (a lot) too much rose wine at the Comic Relief gig. Good time though.
Goblin + Puzzles =  Stray puzzle pieces. Everywhere.
Watching Hansel & Gretal in 3D at the cinema. Then strategically placing my 3D glasses in Muma's little cottage.
Being generally silly and embarrassing.
Finding Goblin in the silliest of places.
Staring in utter disbelief at the snow falling in London again.


  1. what a fun weekend, love the pictures!

  2. That picture of you 'squeezing' Goblin, his face says it all! "If I could only just get out of her grasp, I will be free, FREE you hear me!"

  3. I love Goblin's little face!! Even when his paws are in the puzzle pieces and he's about to mess shit up :)

    I hope the weather in London gets its act together!

  4. Looks like a fun week- especially the Comic Relief gig, ha my dogs are like that with any kind of puzzles/cards/games too
    Daniella x

  5. that bird is too much! i can't believe the snow either, there was a flipping snow blizzard this morning, in March!!! grrrr

  6. Ohhhh I wouldn't stand for the lying on ironed clothes! I'd have to scream! xx

  7. Goblin is simply the cutest! Love all the pics with him :) Sooo adorable. Makes me want to squeeze him, too ;)

  8. Looks like fun times :D Seriously, I need your cat - you might have to write me into your will or something so I can end up with him at some point lol! <3 xxx

  9. but i love the photo of snow falling, so much.


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