Valentine's eve and the "real" Valentines...

15 February 2013

That little man up there?? The one sitting on our lovely new desk? Yup...well that little man is in some BIG trouble.
Wednesday night we had some big plans for our Valentines. As Ben would be away for the "real Valentines" skiing with the boys (super understanding girlfriend? tick.) we were bringing everything a day forward.
We planned to go for a yummy romantic meal, share a bottle of red wine, exchange cards and be all googly eyed for the evening.
I was looking forward to it SO MUCH, especially after the crabby day I had.
I had literally got to the doors of the restaurant when I got a call from Ben.
He sounded a little strange.
Turned out that he had accidentally just stood on Goblin's paw (what does Goblin expect when he spends most of his time trying to trip us up?) and as he turned to make sure he was okay, he rolled over on his foot and sprained his ankle.
The night before he was off skiing. And the night of our romantic evening.
Good one Goblin.
I came straight home and went about looking after Ben. He couldn't stand let alone walk or ski on his foot. I went into Nurse Nicola mode;
The foot was elevated and iced, copious amounts of painkillers were taken, Domino's was ordered and the wine was opened.
Wife points were being racked up left, right and centre and I quickly overtook Goblin as Ben's favourite
But I was gutted for Ben. He had been looking forward to going away so much and Goblin was to blame. Bless him, he didn't mean to do anything (obviously. he is a cat) but he had kinda screwed things up.
After settling down and relaxing into our evening we realised that the way our evening turned out was completely perfect for us. And the next morning Ben's foot was better enough (just) to get on that plane.
Goblin is still in trouble though. Cheeky man. No dreamies for him!
I wasn't the only girl ABANDONED by her boyfriend on the "real" Valentines day. (I can be as dramatic as I like in this space). Holly had been abandoned too so we decided that we would go and enjoy some cocktails together at The Exhibit Bar. After all, cocktails are what we do best. That and talking.
The cocktails we happily enjoyed may or may not have been purchased via our respective Joint Accounts. PAH! That'll teach you boys.
After our first round I was made the happiest girl ALIVE when Holly totted over with two Porn Star cocktails.

House Infused Vanilla Eristoff Vodka put together with passionfruit & served with a shot of Prosecco on the side

Is that not the best sentence you have ever read??? Shots of prosecco on the side??? Passionfruit??
I just died and went to heaven.
Last night was exactly what we both needed. Some good old girly time; self-care with a best friend in tow. Holly went home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Rick (well done Rick) and I went home to some cuddles with Goblin (who is basically forgiven now, don't you worry).
Now let's all just take a second to look at those cocktails again. Happy Friday!!


  1. Lovely post miss - I bet your boy was so glad he could catch his flight. My boyf would be absolutely gutted if he missed a skiing holiday with his boys! Those cocktails look seriously amaze, I know where I'd sooner be.


  2. Those cocktails look amazing, I need to go have one. You just need to celebrate Valentines Day and have the meal you should have had wen he gets back :-)

  3. Ummm, I want some House Infused Vanilla Eristoff Vodka put together with passionfruit & served with a shot of Prosecco on the side!!!

    Poor Ben :( Globin wanted you guys to stay home and cuddle with him.

  4. Yeah, with my bf the times we plan & make a big effort don't always end up being that good but the unplanned times turn out to be the best! :)

    Sareena x

  5. oh noo, goblin!! i love how your night ended up- that is perfect for us too :) and girl time with a side of prosecco- yes that sentence was amazing! hope ben's ankle is all better now xo

  6. That is so sweet!! Silly Goblin. Noel is always messing things up, too. But it's hard to be mad when they're ridiculously cute!

    I think I need to self care in the form of some of those drinks!

  7. I love reading your story up there :D You have a cute and silly cat LoL


  8. Yummm that cocktail sounds delicious! So glad that you were able to salvage valentine's eve and still have a fun valentine's day! And that Goblin better start being more considerate! :)

  9. Sometimes I think cats make it their mission to try and trip as many people up as possible... haha! Those cocktails sound amazing! I spent v-day with a girlfriend & wine, chatting away and watching rubbish tv. So good!

  10. Holy crap, Goblin! I'm glad that it wasn't too serious!

    Please send me one of those cocktails, immediately!


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