the bathroom cabinet.

6 February 2013

Ben and I moved in with each other after only six months of being together. Some people said we might be rushing, others said we would know what was right for us... and considering we are as strong as ever and I have loved every minute of living with him, I think I will start trusting my instincts more.
It is the every day stuff that goes on when you live together that I love the most. One of my fondest  giggling moments recently was what I like to call "bathroom cabinet gate".
When we moved in I unpacked all 6 boxes of my cosmetics and plonked them wherever I could fit them. In wicker drawers, in the cabinet under the sink, in boxes in the wardrobe, in boxes in the living room....some even lived just strewn about on the floor for a while! This didn't bother Ben too much (as he can be super messy) until my products started to encroach onto "his side" of the bathroom cabinet.
Ben: I have the left side. You have the right side. Move your crap.
Me: *scowls* But my deodorant doesn't fit on my side. Nor does my body cream. Just leave them there.
Ben: Find somewhere else for it then.
Me: Can't it just stay on the left side?? Pretty please?? *bats eyelids*
Ben: I have the left side. You have the right side. End of story joebeff.
Me: Fine. Fine. Be a mean poo head then.
Ben thinks he has won. I move my things to the cabinet under the sink.
About an hour later I swan into the living room looking a little too smug for Ben's liking.
He glances at me and just knows.
He walks right back into the bathroom and opens the cabinet doors.
My products are moved out of that cabinet so fast I can barely see where he puts them.
Ben: You have things all over the house. In fact most of the stuff in the flat is yours. I would like this one little teeny weeny space to just be for me. I have the left side. You have the right side.
Me: Yes, but..
Ben: No but's joebeff....left = me. right = you.
I sneak in a kiss and say okay.
For the next few days this happens over and over again. I sneak them back, Ben moves them out.
Lessons learnt?
Boys can get pretty territorial.
Ben can be just as sneaky as me.
If I buy Right Guard Deodorant it will fit on my side.
Have you ever had silly moments like this? What are your favourite parts about living with boys?


  1. haha i love it! i was just writing up a post about my living situation. i think finding space, and combining 2 lives is gonna be tough no matter what. all about the give and take and compromise though :) xo

  2. Haha oh yes, my stuff kind of goes everywhere, I don't even think he has anywhere in the bathroom cabinet, in fact I think I moved a load of it to the draws after a recent bath & body haul! Oops!

  3. oh we had this same problem. And with our closet. He went from having 100% space to roughly 20% oops

  4. He has a lot of bathroom stuff for a guy, its nice. My bf has nothing and I have all the space MUAHAHA! Love the back and forth conversation I hope you win eventually x

  5. my boyfriend is so so messy! i'll tidy up his stuff into piles and he'll be like, what did you throw away, there was loads more than this. i'm like, no, i've just folded it rather than thrown it all over the floor. he also has a terrible habit of finsihing something and just throwing it on the floor.

    oh and if hes cooked something thats greasy, he'll smear the grease around with a bit of anti bac and assume that its clean so that i have to go and do it - wouldn't swap him though :D X X X

  6. Haha this made me smile! Will be moving in with my boyfriend sometime this year. Wonder how we will cope with sharing as we both live alone at the moment. I already have a big bathroom and cant fit my stuff in it hehe. xx

  7. awwwww, how sweet is this story <3 I guess if all he wants in life is one side of the bathroom cabinet, then you can't hold it against him for too long :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

  8. Adorable! Boys are very amusing indeed :3 He fills The Left Side quite nicely - a lot of guys I know just have a toothbrush, a razor and some cologne! xxx

  9. Haha aww, well I think he's a little mean not to let you put one thing on his side of the cabinet!

  10. I LOVE THIS. I too moved in with Justin fairly quickly but it has been quite wonderful. And I have taken over the bathroom with my many things.

    When we first moved in together I cried over a moss covered decorative stick (because there was no good place for it). I was so pissed off about my poor stick. Stick lives on the patio now :-(

  11. I love this. And I completely understand that whole scenario!

    What I've learned is that boys get territorial and weird about the STRANGEST things. And they'll have opinions on the weirdest thing. Basically, boys are just weird.

  12. Haha, I wouldn't have given in so easily... but then again I'm just greedy x

  13. My boyfriend is also called Ben, he is also messy and he also gets pissed off when I put my stuff on his bedside table. He has shit ALL OVER THE FREAKING FLAT and I say nothing. Boys, boys, boys! x


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