Il tempo. The Italian wine bar of my dreams..

26 February 2013

I have always managed to bag working with some awesome people. The entire team I worked with at Clarins for all those years were amazing and the girl I work with now, Sylwia, is pretty darn amazing too.
Not only do we make one shit hot team together (we really do, it's like we read each others mind!) she also makes me laugh more than most people. Maybe it is because I am easily amused, but probably because she is just that funny.
Despite working together on reception for a YEAR now (geesh, time does fly) we never have managed to go out for a drink just the two of us. Life just got in the way. A few Friday's ago we rectified this and went out on a wild night of naughtiness, mayhem and nonsense that lasted a till Sunday evening.
I joke, I joke!!!
What we actually did was enjoy a few bottles of wine and some aperitivo at my newest favourite spot nestled just behind the Strand, spotted by the hawk-eyed sylwia!
Il tempo.
This gorgeous wine bar really does bring Italy to the centre of London.
The emphasis is on good Italian wine and fresh, honest Italian food. What more could anyone want??
Sylwia and I settled on a bottle (or two) of Cirò Bianco, which was utterly delicious and just perfect for that Friday after-work feeling. you all know the one!
We took to being a little silly after the first bottle because why the hell not???

Il Tempo is the sort of local café/bar that you can find in every Italian city and I could not be happier that they have come to set up shop in London. I cannot speak highly enough of this place, so I suppose you just have to make a trip there to see the magic for yourself!!

Website here.
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  1. Nicola: LOVE Italian food, Italian wine...everything Italy, in fact. Know just what you're talking about...a small + cosy bistro place you walk by 100x and never even think to go in! OH!! LOVE daddy/daughter day...Tara has one every Sat. with daddy but she doesn't always get to pick what to do...gotta' change that!!!
    P.S. so glad you are not with the jerk of a guy you were with. We all need at least one (or two) of those guys in our lives at some point so we can truly appreciate the good ones:) Glad you are with a great guy now:) xxx

  2. Oooooh I never knew you worked for Clarins. Love their skincare stuff. That is one cosy little wine bar, sometimes living in the depths of the countryside does have it's drawbacks i.e. no cosy italian wine bars *sobs*

  3. that is so fun! i always loving hearing about everyone local bars and places

  4. that sounds delicious and looks just so perfect!

  5. Drinking wine is one of the more civilised pastimes in London, but don't you prefer it with food?

  6. Awww you guys look so lovely and classy! Whenever I end up going out for drinks with my coworkers someone ends up on the floor. But then again we are journalist, which is a profession that involves a lot of alcoholism. :)

  7. Looks like such a cool place! Would love to go sometime.


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