From the weekend.

5 February 2013

Goblin was in snuggle heaven with Ben.  
I got some new boots and a casual black dress.
To wear for Champagne in teacups for Claire's first night in her NEW FIRST HOME!! Such an exciting time for her and it was so nice to spend some time with the girls again.
Alan the budgie was a constant source of entertainment.
He particularly enjoyed giving me some kisses. I wasn't entirely sure what to do when this first happened to me. Hence the reason I look so incredibly uncomfortable...
Claire practised her levitation skills. I admired how gorgeous her flat is.
And we spent a good few hours having a good old chatter, a good old laugh and our fair amount of champagne.
Saturday was spent at IKEA. With these two hungover chumps;
Ben was a little hungover too and feeling rather sorry for himself.
We managed to get ALL the bits we wanted; desk, chair (the one I wanted in white! yay!), book cabinet, plants, bed linen, lamps, make-up storage and curtains. Our flat is looking rather damn gorgeous if you ask me. Would you like to see some 'proper pictures' of the flat??
Saturday night was spent with the DREAM TEAM. Eating pizza, drinking wine and watching Godzilla The Hunger Games.
Sunday was spent putting together all the ikea furniture we bought. Stress. Only one argument occurred and I blame my hormones for that. Sometimes a girl just can't help but be a stroppy bitch.
(I know you will all agree with me.)
Sunday was the day that I made our dinner FROM SCRATCH.
A macaroni and cauliflower cheese bake. (recipe here)
I was so incredibly proud of all the multi-tasking I had to do whilst cooking; melting cheese, cooking the macaroni, stirring everything, chopping parsley... that I announced on more than one occasion that I would make a perfect housewife. Multi-tasking = housewife. Yes???
I could sure eat this cheese bake every day.


  1. If only there were more pictures of Alan on here.....

  2. totally agree. multi-tasking is a bitch! looooooove your outfits- those boots!!! to die :)

  3. Haha i love the photo of you with the bird. i used to work for a crazy woman who had about 10 pets and her budgie used to do this to me. it would sit and walk on me all day (clawing the s**t out of me) and kissing/pecking me and i was made to wear a 'birdy shirt' because the birds pooped everywhere. glam.

  4. :O Claires flat looks so nice! looks like you had a great weekend :) x

  5. I would love to see pictures of your flat - I'm extremely nosey! I just love going to Ikea, but my man absolutely hates it. It's probably one of my favourite place in the world! x

  6. Haha, I love the picture of you and the bird. I had a bird that used to sit on my shoulder and make kissing sounds at me until i let her press her beak against my lips, after which she would rub her head on my cheek - birds are such funny characters, if I didn't have two cats I'd have a house filled with them x

  7. The picture of you and the bird is amazing. I love it!

    That cheese bake. GIMME!!!!!!!

  8. Oh god that food looks good! I have bookmarked the recipe for the weekend. Yummo!

    The fireplace in that flat is stunning. And the budgie photo made me laugh out loud. Your face is priceless!


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