A stolen idea...facts and some VERY embarrassing photos...

1 February 2013

The idea for this post is straight stolen from both Michelle and Alissa. The pictures in this post are shown to make you feel better about yourself. It becomes pretty obvious that I didn't post them to make myself feel pretty. Like AT ALL. Don't you ever say I don't do anything for the community. 

10 all time favourite TV shows: 
1. The Walking Dead
2. House
3. New Girl
4. Friends
5. Game of thrones
6. Sons of Anarchy
7. Pretty much any nature show by David The Main Man Attenborough
8. Breaking Bad
9. Arrested Development
10. Dexter
(There are so many things wrong with what I am wearing that I don't even know where to start. Please note the date though...I feel it explains a lot of my choices!)

9 favourite movies: 
1. Zombieland
2. Looper
3. Judge Dredd
4. Inception
5. Machine Gun Preacher
6. Brave
7. Nemo
8. Lord of The Rings
9. Requim for a Dream
(This was my costume for my 16th birthday party. It isn't so much the costume but the fringe and braces that bothers me.)

8 favourite musicians: 
1. Pink (had to put that at number one for Tash)
2. Mumford and Sons
3. Ellie Goulding
4. Florence & the Machine
5. Calvin Harris 
6. Adele 
7. Rita Ora
8. Jason Mraz
(This is the only picture (thank god) taken from the first night that I ever drank alcohol. I had two bacardi breezers and as you can see was shit faced. And yes, that is a scarf I have used as a belt.)

7 things I'm loving:
1. Goblin. Because he definitely had to be first
2. All the super gorgeous comments I have been receiving lately on my posts
3. The fact that I got to see Nicola Chapman this evening. Sometimes you just need a good catch up with an old friend
4. How I can just leave my hair after washing it and it looks just the right amount of curly. 
5. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. Makes me look like I have had much more sleep than I actually have
6. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Best book I have read in ages!
7. The fact that my best friend Claire moves into her new flat Friday and me and Krissy are going round for Champagne and Chips to celebrate!!

6 places I want to visit:
1. America. Like all over. I would call it "my huge blogging trip". Don't think Ben would enjoy it too much though! You know who you are!
2. Tuscany, Italy. Again...because it is THAT beautiful
3. Asia
4. Peru
5. Petra, Jordan
6. China
(I just hope this outfit was for a charity event.)

5 things I'm not loving: 
1. Not having Ben here. Tomorrow morning can't come soon enough
2. The fact that I worked so incredibly hard to grow my nails but had a stressful day and bit them, so am starting all over again
3. Rain
4. Wind
5. Rain. It really does piss me off that much
(Our year 7 school photos. Tash will attest to how severely my hair was scraped down. And how big my ears, nose and bunny teeth looked.)

4 things I'd rather never see again: 
1. Cellulite
2. The colour "lilac"
3. The film "The killers"
4. Any of these photos
(Because wearing leg warmers AND socks just wasn't embarrassing enough. At least my legs were tanned and cellulite free. Those were the days...)

3 things I'd like to do this year: 
1. Wear more dresses and more high heels
2. Grow my nails and keep them long!!
3. Plan, plan, plan fun things to do with my family & friends
(I can't believe I got my fringe cut back in. Fucking school boy error #482.)

2 facts about me:
1. I hate spending time alone and sleeping in the flat by myself
2. Every day I become more like my Dad when it comes to my (slight) OCD tendencies

1 meaning behind my blog name:
I live in BALHAM. Explanation enough.

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to crawl into a deep dark hole somewhere and forget that I ever posted these pictures online.


  1. Your posts never fail to make me laugh. And the pictures aren't bad at all! You have super long bronzed legs which I'm very jealous of! xx

  2. I forgot I was going to say fringe at my last hair appt, next time!

    Great photos!!

  3. The photos really aren't that bad!
    I nearly bought Gone Girl on Wednesday but bought The Fault in our Stars instead, Gone Girl is definitely next.
    I'll join you in your hate of rain, I'm hoping that tomorrow is going to be bright and sunny as I want to explore but I think that's just wishful thinking.
    I may have to steal this off of you, Michelle and Alissa.

  4. These photos...all of them...are amazing. And all of these answers just make me love you even more!

    How about this - fly to NY and then come on my epic road trip with me? Deal? Deal.

  5. Zombieland!!!!!! I love so much. I just watched the entire LoTR trilogy for the first time last year and fell deeply in love.

    Thank you for posting these amazingly hilarious pictures! The socks are my favorite. No no, the toga thing is. Maybe the fairy...

    Gone Girl is sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to read it! I can't wait!

  6. this is so great. I can't even control my excitement over all these pictures

  7. This is the BEST post ever!!! I giggled my whole way through it. The pictures are hysterical...I have so many similar ones. And don't worry, 2005 was a rough year for my outfit choices too ;)


  8. hahaha! I laughed a lot. Thanks for that.

    I use to be a chronic nail biter. Then I finaaaally grew my nails out, except for my thumb nail. It was the only nail I allowed myself to "bite." Now I love having nails and have been in this crazy i-have-to-paint-them-every-day phase. - well besides my lame thumb nail. :)

    On another note, I feel like I need to read Gone Girl again. I was so mad at ....well someone in particular in the story, that I let it cloud my judgement all the way through. I guess it really was that good since it had that effect on me.

    Anywho. I have some much catching up to do on blog posts I missed!

    - Sunshine

  9. Love this, makes me giggle and reminds me of some of my photos. Someone must have said scarves were good as belts as I have done the same thing hmmm. xx

  10. Ahh I really want to grow my nails this year too. I always get a few months in and then a particularly stressful day and I bite them all off too! We are the same!

    P.S. I'll let you into a little secret. Your pictures here aren't even half as embarrassing as mine are! I was pretty much as wide as I was tall and I had a bob. Oh the bob. My head looked like a circle. So I was basically made up of two circles. One small circle on top of an enormous body circle. Oh dear!

    Jennie xo |


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