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28 February 2013

I realised Tuesday night that cooking dinner (home made wedges, sausages and beans) can be quite difficult and rather stressful sometimes. It takes a lot of effort and even though it was delicious, I really would not attempt anything more complicated to make on a week day. We had to pause Graham Norton about 16 times to check on how it was all going. Unacceptable.
Goblin managed to wrap himself in my freshly washed t-shirt and sleep like this for a good couple of hours. It has made me consider making him a little kitty duvet for him to snuggle in whenever it takes his fancy!
I have a feeling this idea will be shot down immediately by anyone who is not Ben though. Thoughts?
The sun has well and truly disappeared. If asked to point at the sun in the sky this week I would fail completely. It couldn't be more grey and miserable if it tried. If you have the sun, please give it back.
I have decided to take some life-coaching sessions next month with Sas.
I want to continue to take care of myself, to invest in myself and explore what I want and how I can get myself there.
I have all these thoughts brewing in my head and I feel like I just need a little push..a little mentoring...a little support.
This weekend we are off to Kent to spend some time with Ben's family.
Fresh air, space, the quiet.
All this week I have felt over-sensitive. Over sensitive to the "Londoness" of everything; the noise, the crowds, the endless rat-race, the routine, the people.  
I love this city, but sometimes a little time away from it is just what a girl needs to fall back in love.
Bring on the laughter, the food, the nice wine, the cups of tea and biscuits.
Is it Friday yet????


  1. I think that the kitty blanket sounds like a lovely idea! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with your life coaching sessions, they sound great! And have a lovely time in Kent!xx

  2. Would love to see the kitty blanket! ;) Not sure how you do your wedges but I just cut them, drizzle with olive oil and pop in the oven, turning once. I find this the simplest way if that helps at all. I think the greyness of everything at the moment is making a lot of people feel very down and over sensitive - me included, so if you find the sun, send a beam or two my way could ya?!

  3. tell me about it. time away from London is sometimes essential to stay sane ! Have fun x

  4. Take two....
    1. Our weekday meals are so simple, usually some form of chicken and rice as all you have to do is put the chicken in the oven and rice in the microwave and its done.
    2. I definitely think you should make Goblin a duvet, my cats love to snuggle in blankets
    3. Did you have sunshine today? It was like a spring day here, I even dried my washing outside.
    4. So glad you have got your first two sessions booked, I looked at her site and it sounds great, I'm looking forward to hearing how you find it.
    5. Have a wonderful weekend in Kent, I can definitely relate to becoming over sensitive to "londoness" and it's always nice to get away, I have barely heard a siren all week!
    6. I have stolen your button for my sidebar :)

  5. Goblin definitely needs a special duvet! Enjoy your time away this is always good to recharge and refresh!

  6. Ohh the wedges look delicious! Adorable cat, too. Have a great weekend, finally Friday! xx

  7. We should start a milk-carton campaign. "Lost: one sun, please return for reward." Love your blog. My husband and I used to live in Balham!

  8. I think I kitty duvet is an awesome idea!!

    I love to cook dinner, but I can't handle anything very involved after a long day of work. It's too much!

    I know what you mean about needing to get away for awhile. I love to visit my parents in the country and get out of the city and traffic for a day or two :)


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