This is a post to distract myself.

18 January 2013

I get distracted by the simplest of things. A piece of chocolate, a silly picture, something sparkly, something gross, something own thoughts have been known to distract me on occasion. It's usually a bad thing, but today it is a good thing. I want to be distracted. Because it is keeping my mind off how much I cannot stand this country when it snows. Everyone loses their minds, everyone panics and everything seems to stop. And it's contagious. I have started to panic about how we're going to get to Kent tonight for the party, how long it might take and how we are going to get back tomorrow. I keep checking the trains for updates and hoping that they don't get worse. I keep checking the weather, twitter and facebook. I can't help it.
So this is me stopping. And sharing with you some pictures that I took when me and Tash went to the Jingle Bell Ball at the o2 in December.
It was a brilliant evening.
The line-up included; Girls Aloud, The Wanted, Calvin Harris, Tinie Tempah, Example and Pink.
It was one of the best gigs that I have ever been to.
Made 100 times better because poor Tash was in a full leg plaster cast, so we were treated like VIP's and got moved to the disabled area just one tier up. We had an amazing view and tonnes of space!!
Poor little Tash...
As per usual Pink was amazing (we are huge fans!!!!) and completely blew us away. Spending time with the best sister in the world wasn't half bad either.
Love you sis-wa.


  1. Sounds like a great show. I'm going to see Pink at the 02 in April, I'm so excited.
    England is crap when it comes to snow, I like how pretty it all looks though. I want to go outside and be in it, but I'm ill so stuck indoors :(

  2. Sometimes I really wonder what the difference is between trains in the UK and trains in Canada...they work just fine in loads of snow. it really sucks :( I hope you make it to the party x

  3. *when tash took me to the Jingle Bell Ball....

  4. That cast is legit and shows serious dedication!

  5. You saw PINK?!?! Jealous. So jealous.

  6. I'm mighty jel that you saw Pink, I absolutely LOVE her! I hope the trains were running and you managed to get where you wanted to go! We don't seem to do very well as a country when the snow hits! We got quite a coating in the midlands but I daren't step outside this afternoon because all I can see is a horrible sludgy mess and I don't want to fall over in that! Eww!

    Jennie xo |

  7. Snow is a joke. I live in Utah, it's dubbed "the greatest snow on earth.." I should be over it at this point.

    Pink.. I bet she would be bomb in concert.. whoever those other people were.. no idea.


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