The week so far; snow, an outfit and blog design...

15 January 2013

On Monday it snowed. And by snowed I mean "only managed a dusting of the stuff". It seems that in London by 8:30am the only snow left to see is that high up on the tree tops.
I would be much more of an "i love the snow person" if it would snow AND the London Transport System would handle it. If that happened I am up for the kind of snow that covers a city! I am doubtful this would ever happen though. Even though my train was delayed, it did make my walk from Victoria station to work much prettier.

Today I decided to get dressed in the dark (no change there) and then realised when I got to the station I was wearing far too many colours than I probably should have been. 
Tan, teal, grey, blue, burnt orange, green and brown.
Reason number 547 why I could/would never be a fashion blogger!! 
Reason number 548 is that I loved them all together...even if it probably looked silly!! AND I was super  toasty, so that must count for something? No? Okay then...

Putting aside the fact is is freezing cold in London at the moment and I obviously don't care at all what I wear to and from work, I have the last few days getting my geek on and trying to learn how to re-vamp my little blog here. I know how I want this space to look...I just have no bloody idea how to get it there. 
Looks like I will be burying my head in e-courses, tutorials and photoshop for the next few weeks!! Even though this is seriously daunting task for little old me...I am determined to accomplish this myself so any tips/tutorials/help would be super appreciated! Have you ever re-vamped your own blog??


  1. SNOW! I love snow, but London doesn't do snow very well! It's so pretty though <3

  2. ok now I'm getting freaked out. I work in Victoria too !!! lol. didn't the snow look so nice when it was falling outside the window on monday, and then didn't you just feel your heart drop when you got outside and the pavement was simply wet !! rubbish london fake snow.

  3. Burnt orange is purrdy. I wore penquin pj pants all day so your fashion beats mine. I love comfy pants.

    Snow came and went at my house too. I'm ok with that..

  4. Oh the joys of TFL. I wish the snow has stick around, if it was this cold with snow I wouldn't mind.
    Let me know if you find any good e-courses/tutorials I'd love to learn how to make my blog look semi decent myself because I get bored quite easily and don't want to pay every time I feel like a change! At the moment I'm trying to make some social media buttons.

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  7. Snow!! I want more of it here. We had a ton, but it melted :(

    I actually really like your outfit!

  8. I really want to give my blog a bit of a face lift too, I know nothing about blog design & I want to learn more!

    Jennie xo |

  9. Yeah for the snow, although sad that it didn't stick around and look pretty for longer. As for your outfit, I like it. It's very autumnal!
    Good luck with the blog redesign.


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