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10 January 2013

This article (here) will make your day.
Seriously, go and read it. And if it didn't make you laugh your knickers off then we can't be friends.
My post from Tuesday (here) makes me laugh every time I see it.
The texts from Tash as soon as it was up went something like this;
Tash: You are such a dick
Me: You like my post huh?
Tash: Are you drunk?
Me: No, I wish. I told you, get a blog and then you can do the same.
I am so in love with London at the moment. While Ben is watching the footie this weekend I might go for a little explore. Open to coffee dates & catch ups!
House. We have watched the entire first season in under a week.
Obsessed. Do you watch/like it???
This weekend will be a relaxed one. Next weekend however will not be.
We have a fabulous birthday party Friday night.
A lunch date with my Dad, Wendy and some of her lovely family Saturday afternoon.
The Bedford Pub comedy night Saturday evening.
Then a trip to IKEA on Sunday!!
I don't think I can handle the excitement of it all. Biggest decision? WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR ALL WEEKEND?????
Ladies...what are your opinions on desk chairs????
Odd question I know, but it seems I have quite an opinion on them (read: I find 99.9% of them ugly as shit) and me and Ben can't decide on what type of chair to have, especially as our 'office' will be in our living room.
Any ideas?


  1. I'm afraid I don't 'do' desk/office chairs. I've got an old 'distressed' number from a reclamation place with a humungeous seat cushion from The White Company to cradle my butt. I love it - the chair bit not necessarily the crading my butt bit, but I suppose that's OK too, we all need a little comfort in our lives!

  2. OK that article is hilarious. You're a genius for finding it. And I think we are also on some weird psycic par with tv shows, I love a bit of house. It's always showing at my mums house (she has some flash thing called Sky). I'm not going to give you advice on desk chairs as the one I use I found thrown out on the street with wooden panels falling out. I'm telling myself I'm going for the rustic look (I just like it because I can fold it and put it away when not in use because inconveniently the only place I had space for my desk was in my already tiny bedroom!!)

  3. I love House! Such a great programme.

  4. I wish I could meet you in London to catch up and have coffee!

  5. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Have a look


  6. I need to do some exploring in London and fall back in love with it again, I'm fed up of going to the same places all the time I need to get out of central.

  7. Funny article haha.

    I am also OBSESSED with House, I watched it back to back for weeks. So addictive!

    - Keeley | Living In Your Imagination

  8. I just bought a desk chair from the one and only Ikea :)

  9. I have no opinion on desk chairs.

    but i loved house.. loved it for the first few seasons.

  10. That article is not real life. Right? Holy crap...I'm embarrassed...hah!

    Have a good weeeeeekend!


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