one of those posts where I ramble on (and three embarrassing photos)

8 January 2013

The pictures in this post are completely unrelated to the content within it. I just wanted an excuse to show them. Sorry Tash. Looks like you will need a blog to post bad pictures of me. 

Today I was completely totally caught out in a way that only girls can. If your a man and reading this, take a wild guess at what I am talking about. There was a silver lining to the said incident though. The emails I received from Shay when I took 5 minutes out of my day to email her about it. 

I will probably always spell received wrong. It just trumps me every darn time.
Sometimes I have those moments when I think loud and clear 'WHAT THE F**K AM I GOING TO DO IN LIFE???'. These thoughts usually fester for a while in my brain before I spew them out to Ben and he reminds me of all the things I love about my life. Our relationship, our little family, our lovely home, our families, our friends. Sometimes I can get so caught up comparing myself to others that I lose sight of who I am and what I have achieved. I am proud of myself and I am lucky to have what I have. So if someone could suggest what I could do for a career that challenges me fully that would be fab...

Talking of things that I am proud of... this morning I woke up at 7 and was out of the door by 7.10. 
I didn't look half bad either.
And the best thing?? You couldn't even tell that I put my tights on inside out or that I didn't brush my hair. A nice coat, a knee length dress and a bobble hat can hide a multitude of sins I tell you. 

I wish I was more tanned. I am slowly but surely getting to that stage again where Ben calls me Casper.  If only fake tan wasn't such a ball ache. 

I am not the kind of girl to make New Years resolutions. I don't like to set these things in stone and to be disappointed if I don't achieve and excel in all of them. I am told that I can be really hard on myself sometimes and I don't need anything adding to that. I prefer to try and better myself throughout the whole year. Not just in January. 
More importantly though...what on earth would I do with myself if I made resolutions to drink less wine and eat less chocolate?????

I still haven't decided on my word for 2013. I want a word to guide me through the year ahead. A word that excites me, encourages me, makes me inspired and comforted. I was speaking to Ben about this and he suggested the following three words;
+ Naked 
+ Shut-ups
+ Savings
Where oh where do I begin??? We do say "shut-ups" to each other a lot (in a jokey way don't worry) but that wasn't the kind of thing I was thinking of. 
Looks like I will have think of something without his "guidance". Boys. 
(Because it wasn't fair posting embarrassing pictures of just Tash. Might as well add one of me and my best friend looking absolute twats when we were at a college house party. Suppose we were the type to give Essex a bad name eh??)

Sometimes Goblin looks at me and I think a little too long about what he must be thinking when he looks at me. Probably something along the lines of "do you wear anything else apart from sweats?" and "where on earth are the dreamies god dammit?"

Lastly, it looks like I am spending this Valentine's day alone. Sucks to be me. Ideas of what I can do while Ben is away on holiday?? I was gonna go with chocolate, wine and more chocolate???


  1. The Boyfriend had to fly back to England last February, leaving me all alone for my birthday and Valentine's day. I bought a huge cake, rented dvds and I didn't even bother cutting slices. I felt sick for three days but it was amazing, I really recommend it :)

  2. Haha lovely little post, definitely found myself laughing to the pictures.

    - Keeley
    Living In Your Imagination

  3. Ha! These pics are priceless. Your poor ankle looks like it's about to give out. I'm assuming you only had one glass of wine at that party :)

  4. This post made me laugh, was about to make the same comment as above, your ankle looks like it's about to snap off! I know what you mean about ... I'm guessing cat (I'm quite a new reader, sorry!) ... I always try and work out what my dog's thinking and I think most of the time it's 'Why are you eating again?' xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  5. These photos are so cute and make me laugh as well!

  6. Your pictures are cracking me up! This post totally had me laughing.

  7. just found this again. i still resent this. bitch.


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