My saturday...

26 January 2013

This morning: Cups of tea and biscuits in bed. Reading till noon (book here). Snuggles with main man Goblin. 
Now: Bum on sofa, cup of tea in hand, watching The Hills. 
In about 15 minutes: Cuddles with Ben when he gets home. Suppose I won't be able to watch The Hills with him back though. 
Tonight: Seeing Taffy and then cocktails, laughs and fun times up in central. 
It has been one busy day for me...suppose I better go and get myself looking presentable.  
How is your weekend panning out??


  1. Happy caturday!

    I am currently in my robe on the couch with the cat. PJ went to work for an hr and I told him to come home with surprise food. I'm hoping it's pizza! So that's my day so far :) sitting on the egde of my couch waiting for surprise food.

  2. I had such similar plans for the weekend, of things that I really should do, although I too have ended up sat on the sofa in my onesie drinking tea and watching the Hills. I've been mixing it up every so often with an episode of Revenge, and maybe some cake, since they say variety is the spice of life and all that jazz. It makes me feel a little better I'm not the only one whos great plans go out the window in favour of telly and tea....

  3. Seriously, Goblin is just the coolest cat ever. No contest. My weekend thus far has included a pricey lululemon haul and cake, but I have work to look forward to tomorrow afternoon, as well as roadtrip packing... no couch time for me - sadness :( xxx

  4. I hope you had a lovely weekend! Goblin is such a cutie! <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. Watching The Hills with a cup of tea is my idea of a perfect afternoon!


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