My name is Nicola and I can be (am) stupid...

24 January 2013

There are lots of things that I do that are stupid. Here are a few of them. Because we can't all be smart.

1. Most days I go for a walk on my lunch around The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. I like to stretch my legs, get some fresh air and shake off my desk job for a while. I spend 40 minutes exploring and discovering the area. It's hands down one of the favourite parts of my day.
But what's stupid about my walks?? About three times a week I get lost on my walk. And every single time I get lost I forget that my whilst my iphone is fantastic at taking pictures, it can also act as a map.
2. Believing that I won't do stupid things when I get dressed in the dark. Only yesterday morning I put on TWO pairs of knickers. It was only when I put on my jeans that I noticed.

3. Spending half an hour after we have hoovered searching for Goblin and only finding out where he was hiding when we gave up and sat ourselves down on the sofa.
 He really does hate the hoover. And really does squeal when we sit on him.

4. Naming my blog 'Our little Balham life'. I get asked all the time what I will do if we move out of Balham. I have never once answered this question properly...I usually just take another swig of my wine and forget I was ever asked.

5. To think that if I ask Alex to take a photo of me and Ben that this won't happen;

6. Watching this many shots of Jager be poured and to think I will remain unscathed.
No such luck Nicola.

7. To have six glasses of red wine and naively think that I won't be hanging out of my arse the next day.

8. Thinking I still act lady like when i'm drunk. So very wrong of me.

9. Acting oh so clever wearing a black bra to work the day of this party thinking it will look totally fine under my black lace dress. And later realising/remembering that it has bright purple straps.
After reading all that don't you feel a million times better about yourself??


  1. I loved this post! It made me smile lots! Can't beat 2 pairs of knickers on a chilly day. There's nothing like having a toasty bum xxx

  2. I wish I could take walks around Chelsea on my lunch break! I would be on my ass after six glasses of wine. I can't handle wine like I can handle beer :)

  3. It could have been worse, you could have put your knickers on AFTER your jeans and not noticed. Feel better (and less stupid) now! ;)

  4. The pictures of Chelsea are amazing! One building is the size of my little town. The only place I walk to on lunch is the kitchen..bra-less.

    Have a good day!

  5. Great post, made me smile and laugh out loud at my desk. I did the exact same thing with black bra and had bright pink straps with lacy bits on them haha. I think you pulled it off though :-) x

  6. You probably need two pairs of knickers anyway due to this insanely cold weather! xxx

  7. Love this post Nicola! And agreed, that is such a beautiful place to walk around on a lunchtime. x

  8. Different colour bra straps...been there done that many times!

  9. Been there on the jager shot hangover front more times than I care to remember. Happens to the best of us.

  10. I think you're me. Or I'm you. Or we're the same person? I got lost taking the dog for a walk last week. On the same walk I've been doing for the past TWO years. I felt like an enormous wally when my mum asked why I'd been gone so long!

    Goblin is so cute! Ralphie isn't a fan of the hoover either but he'll just sit there stubbornly so I have to hoover around him. Typical boy. ;)

    Jennie xo

    1. P.S. Sorry for the semi-life-story there!

  11. Chelsea is really lovely (and probably a bit expensive) but I can't tell you how much I miss Balham! I even miss the old drunks outside the Whetherspoon. At 9am. Tell me they're still there and that nothing has changed! Also, I must say that your cat hiding behind the cushions is the cutest thing I've seen today x

  12. It cheers me up to know that it's not just me thats always getting lost! Thank god for Iphone Maps, total life savers!


  13. Oh I adore you, Nicola. And I wish I could walk around Chelsea on my lunch break!

  14. Has your header changed in the last few hours, or am I going insane? The blog is looking awesome by the way! <3


    P.S I hope this is working now!

  15. I love your posts! They make me laugh out loud! And your right Kensington and Chelsea is beautiful!

  16. 6 glasses of wine?!? You are a champion. Also, #8 is my favorite!


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