London this morning. Making me some lemonade.

17 January 2013

When London gives you make lemonade. 
Or something like that. 
Today London gave me lemons.
Rush hour; the trains were delayed by 50 minutes, the tube was suspended, the busses were so busy they weren't stopping and traffic was at standstill. 
I chose to walk. The whole way...Balham to Sloane Square. An hour and a half.
I made lemonade from the lemons. The walk was just what I needed. The fresh air, the quiet, the sunshine, the exercise. It refreshed me and made me smile. 
I mean just look at that. 
London I love you. 

p.s Ben I love you too.


  1. Good for you - walking that entire way home! I bet it was refreshing. Great pictures, too. You're right - you live in the best spot.

  2. Wow, a long walk indeed! Very refreshing though! Lovely pictures :) xx
    - Keeley | Living In Your Imagination

  3. Sometimes a walk is the best thing. I walk everywhere with Ava and I do enjoy it. (Apart from when it's raining!) xx

  4. Sometimes a long walk is just the most perfect thing in the whole world <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. I love that you can walk to London. I'm so jealous. Looks beautiful.

  6. A lovely walk, but you must have froze. Hope the transport is better for you tomorrow, although with the snow we are meant to be getting I can only imagine it getting worse.

  7. Holy long walk and fab pictures!

    You mentioned lemons and it reminded me that a few weekends ago I tried a new drink, half beer and half lemonade. It was so tasty, except it will take you twice as long to get drunk and double the amount of peeing. You should try it!

  8. I love London! Every year I tell myself I'll go somewhere else for my holidays, but I always end up back there. I used to live in Balham too, and I can assure you I would never have walked that far! It must have been lovely though - London truly is the most beautiful place on Earth x

  9. That actually sounds wonderful! Glad you found a way to make a possibly frustrating situation into a happy moment!

  10. Nothing like a good walk to blow away the old cobwebs, but gotta admit that was some walk! But sure bets public transport delays!

  11. That is beautiful... sometimes a walk is just what's needed.


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